Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tragic News

Tina, Brandy, and Angel in 2003

Thursday evening we got a very disturbing phone call from Wilma's brother Eddie. His step daughter, Brandy, had a very bad Asthma spell Thursday afternoon. While her boyfriend rushed her to the hospital it seems that she lost consciousness. Arriving at the hospital lifeless.

A beautiful young lady of only 29 years old. Only one faint brain wave; lays in the hospital on a respirator as her mother must make the chilling decision no one wants to make.

Wilma feels so helpless, what can she say or do for her brother to help relieve his pain?

Friday News:

It was determined that Brandy wanted to be a organ donor. So the family decided Saturday the respirator will be disconnected.

Saturday News:

Brandy kept breathing and the Doctors had to re-insert the respirator. Has to do with the laws in Kentucky. Even with her kidneys failing, and her limbs starting to pull upward in the fetal position, they could not leave her without the aid of the respirator. The Doctors tell the family it will be just a matter of time now with her other organs starting to shut down.

The recipients have been notified.

Life; a young woman must die for others to live.

One side of the coin a severe tragedy, the other a ray of hope and excitement for a new life.

Our prayers go out to Eddie, and his family.

May God cradle Brandy's soul in his loving arms and welcome her to his home in heaven.

We ask that you also keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Morning

I really can't say who was the most excited! Was it the kids and grandkids, or Na-Na and Pa knowing what each is going to get.
I do believe the number one gift had to be the digital camera's we gave Angel and Tina. We knew they would want plenty of pictures when we go to Disney. What a surprise they had.

I have to say...Santa was pretty good to all in this family. A special thanks goes out to Mrs.. Santa Claus, for without her all this wouldn't have happened so nicely.
I guess this picture says it all:

From our family to yours...A very Merry Christmas to you all.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Traditionally Christmas Eve is reserved for Wilma's side of the family. Usually we rotate having the festivities at our home or Connie's, Wilma's sister. This year it was at our home. AND we had a great addition to the family.

Clint, his wife Tina, their daughter Haley and son Ethan. Clint is Wilma's nephew.

As you click on a picture and are directed to our picture web site, you will see that a happy time was celebrated by all.

We didn't know at the time, not until 9pm that evening at the hospital, that Wilma has bronchitis. The medication they prescribed seems to be working and hopefully she will be feeling great again soon.

Another great family adventure! We are truly blessed.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas at the Lodge

December 8, 2007

Christmas at the Lodge

One thing the Lodge (Mt. Clemens Masonic Lodge #6), has been doing that is a big hit with the families. And that is our Annual "Christmas for the kids". The Lodge donates an amount of funds, and Mary, Santa's helper #1, makes it all happen. Thank you Mary for another Job Well Done!

Poor me....I wasn't able to attend...had to

But from the pictures that my Hon took, we can only imagine how much fun it was for all!

Clicking on the picture will take you to our Web Albums where you can browse through all the pictures. To get back to this Blog you need to click the "Back" arrow on your Browser program.
Thanks for stopping by and sharing another of our Adventures.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner

What a great day! Upon waking up this morning I noticed a slight bit of snow on the deck. Like my Grandma used to say...."If it snows on Thanksgiving, that means the winter will have alot of snow". So it looks like the ol snow blower will get a work out this winter, according to Grandma.

Everything went along as planned. Wilma and I had the Lodge looking great and the food ready to eat about 10 minutes past schedule. Not bad seeing that the oven cooking the turkey was 75 degrees cooler than the set point of 350. I did compensate for it after 45 minutes of cooking though.

As everyone arrived to food table began to fill. Mom and Margie made it up with the Ol Chair Lift ok. Margie had a harder time of it though. I promised her the next time we will have the new lift installed.

The family all took a seat, posed for a camera shot, and dug in. Mmmm Good.

It seemed like the whole family pitched in to help clean up. A special thanks to everyone that helped. After everyone left, I stayed to do the final clean up. The Lodge looks good, can't even tell we were here! Arrived home around 5pm.....tired....really tired. But it was well worth it. A very enjoyable day by everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and Wilma and I wish you all many more.

A special thanks goes out to "My Hon" Wilma. For if it weren't for her this fantastic family event wouldn't have taken place. Great Job my hon, I Love Ya!

Come back again for another "Adventure".

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Evening Before Thanks Giving.

And all through the Lodge....AHHHH....NO NEW CHAIR LIFT!!!!

I guess in the back of my mind I kind of thought there wouldn't be a new lift. Just by the way the Member was telling me last Wednesday.

Oh is not going to spoil our family get together and dinner.

Mom and Margie will use the old chair lift. With the help of my brother Ken and myself everything will be ok.

Will take pictures tomorrow, and post for your enjoyment.

Come back again soon for more "adventurers" in our lives.

Friday, November 16, 2007

No chair yet ! ! !

Well we arrived at the Lodge Friday evening, sure new chair lift waiting to be installed.

Wilma and I decided we would help Tina with the cleaning. We vacuumed the second floor and stairs while she did the restrooms, eating area, and kitchen. We felt good as we saved her at least an hour of work.

Well, I've made up my mind. I can't let it get to me. If the new chair lift is installed by Thanksgiving that will be great! If not....we will have to use the old lift. The main problem with the old lift is that it stops on the top stair tread. So when you get off you are stepping on the top stair not the floor of the second floor. Pretty scary and dangerous if your not careful.

Another adventure...another day. Later...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner Planning

Well, I was at Lodge last night. As soon as I entered the door I got pretty upset. Darn near Peed off!

We were told by the member who has been placed in charge of getting a new chair lift installed, that the chair would be installed a month ago. The contractor is really pulling his chain in my opinion.

There is going to be another public function this Saturday and he told me that the contractor called him and it won't be delivered until Friday! Another delay! No way for it to be working for Saturday's event.

You see...if I hadn't already planned on having my entire family, Wilma's side also, for Thanksgiving dinner at the Lodge I wouldn't be so concerned. But my Mom and my brothers wife Margie both need that lift! They cannot go up the 20ft. of stairs by themselves. And my mom, bless her 80 year old heart, is really looking forward to seeing the family get together for this holiday. Family tradition that goes way back.

So....tomorrow evening, Friday evening, I'm going to drop by the Lodge again. I'm almost dreading it because I just don't believe the chair will be delivered waiting for the contractor to install it. I'll take the camera and get a few shots of the stairway so you will see what I'm talking about. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Keep us in mind, say a prayer for us, so our dream of having Thanksgiving Dinner at the Lodge will happen next week.

Another adventure we have to accept, hopefully it will be a joyful Thanksgiving dinner.

Till next time, God bless and keep us all safe.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Booooo ..... Halloween

We had a gang of family drop in on us this evening. Ooooo Sooo Scary!

And a few cute ones too!

Wilma called Clint a few days ago inviting him to bring the kids over to trick or treat with our grand kids. He showed up with his two kids, and both our girls, Angel and Tina brought their kids. Tina's friend Stacey came along also with her two kids. So we had a gang of Trick or Treaters.

They left to conquer the neighborhood....

I stayed back at the home front handing out "Treats".

I just noticed...can't tell who is the scariest! ;-)

They all had a great time as you can tell from the amount of candy Brooke and Rebecca have!

Another great time with our Family! Another great Adventure in our lives! We are truly blessed

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Van Sold!


Post your stuff on Craigslist to sell and bang the next day its gone! Best of all, there is NO charge to list your stuff!

I couldn't believe it! I must of had at least 50 inquiries within 24 hours. It almost filled up my email.

The first guy brought his wife and kids with him. He sat in our Van, put it in drive, moved the van about 25 feet. Parked it and said it's sold he will take it.

Of course I made it clear I was firm on the price before anyone comes out to look at it so there would be no haggle on price.

Cash in hand now and he has a new Van to drive. Everyone happy.

Yet another great Adventure! God Bless, see you next time.

Tina's Van is up for Sale.

I finally found the title, so now it's ready to sell. Yep...seeing how Tina, our youngest daughter purchased a new, (well new to her) car, we are selling her Mini Van. Asking price, only $600.00


It sat in my garage for the last 2 weeks without being driven, because it does not have plates or insurance on it. It has a new battery so I figured it would start. It did! So I moved it outside in back of the Motorhome. After all, the windows were a little frosty this morning on my car and I need to get my garage back.
I listed it on "" This is a free advertising list. It has listings from just about any city in the country, and all kinds of items are listed. If you have never visited I encourage you to check it out.
Wish us luck in selling the Van.
Yet another Adventure, someone will be getting a pretty good Van pretty cheap.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ready for the Winter?


It's been a busy week! Worked 6 days this week, plus worked on the Motorhome getting it ready for Winter.
Gave it an oil and filter change now instead of in the Spring like I usually do. I did this because we are planning a long distance trip in March, and I sure do not want to crawl under the Motorhome and give it an oil change then!
Blew out the water lines with air, drained the hot water tank, and treated the "traps" with anti-freeze. Tomorrow I will remove the batteries and kiss it good night until March.
I'm believing we are going to get allot of snow this winter....just got the feeling! I guess because I'm already looking at the sky for any sight of "blue" sky. It's getting harder every day to find a blue sky. Today it was really cloudy, you know those dark kind you get in the winter just before a big snow storm, or in the summer just before a rain gusher. Oh man I'm dreading the winter already!
Well....till next time....
Wonder what and when our next Adventure will be....
Till then....take care, God Bless.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Trip


Sunday, October 14th.

What a perfect day to go to the Pumpkin Patch to pick out the Halloween Pumpkins. Perfect blue sky, not a cloud to be seen. Temperature expected today in the low 60's. Perfect for a fall adventure.
The kids and grand kids all look forward to this trip every year. It's a big deal all climbing into the motor home to go to the pumpkin patch. So at 10am we are planning on going on this annual adventure.
Tina phoned around 9am to inform us that she has an upset stomach and is not feeling well. Na-na will go pick up the grand kids, leaving Tina to rest at home. Hopefully she will be feeling better later today.

Here they are getting ready to "hit the road" to find the "perfect" pumpkin.

The day was perfect. Everyone was in great spirits and excited waiting for the ride to the Pumpkin Patch to find their own perfect pumpkin.

We stopped at Wendy's for lunch on the way back home. We all had a perfect day of fun.

Another great Adventure! Come back again soon.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Haley's 15th. Birthday


Saturday, October 13th.

We had the family over to celebrate Haley's Birthday. She is our oldest...oops....should I say first born grandchild. We are very proud of her!

Happy Birthday Haley! We love ya!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Lakeshore Camp Trip with Judy

Thursday, Oct. 4th.

Judy arrived around 1pm excited and ready to go on her week-end vacation. We (Judy and I) left around 1:15, Wilma stayed behind to watch Brooke this evening while Angel goes to College Classes.
Had to stop and fill up. Put $135.00 in to fill it up! Got back in to the Motorhome after filling with gas, turned the key, and nothing. OH NO...this is not good. Did the battery just die on me? I just drove it in here about 10 minutes ago, what happened. Both Judy and I looked at each other, and you could read our faces. I went to the battery compartment, opened and closed the disconnect switch a couple times, (really didn't know if it would do any good or not). Got back behind the wheel, turned the key and it started! Thank you God! What a relief and joy came over both of us. Judy made the comment she was doing her prayers, they must have worked, so off we went on to the campground.
Two hours later we pulled into the park. Judy taking it all in, as this was her first time at this campground. I found a campsite behind her cabin, about 5 sights back, easily within walking distance. Great! I set up and then we rode our bikes to the office to check in.
Judy just thought her cabin was the greatest! She started right away making her bed, etc., as I finished setting up my site.

Gary stopped by....he arrived around 1:30 today also. Jeff, his son and his family will be renting a cabin just 2 over from Judy. Small world isn't it! We, Gary and I decided that having the campfire at his site would be the best. I told him I would tell Judy and that we would bring some firewood over. Gary left, I went over to see how Judy was doing. She has her cabin all set up already! We started taking the leftover firewood from her fire pit over to Gary's. On the second trip she found a dollar in her fire pit! Luck is on her side today!
We then went back to my place and had supper, Kielbasa and corn. Mmmm Good I must say.
My hon called me around 9pm. It was good to talk to her, I miss her already! It just doesn't feel right without her. After talking to her I went to bed.

Friday, Oct. 5th.

Woke by the Dumpster Truck banging the dumpsters as he was emptying them at 7AM. Dang...I'm not getting up yet. Back to sleep and got up around 8:30am. Now that's more like it. Judy came over and had coffee with me.
Wilma showed up around 10am. We all went on a bike ride. Taking in all the fall colors, enjoying the quiet of the campground. How things will change though for the week-end.
After awhile we all went back to our campsite. It was a lazy, laid back kind of day. Just lounging around, resting, enjoying each others company. Beautiful weather, beautiful day.

Had a great steak for dinner. Wilma made the salad and veggies, while I grilled the steak. Judy really raved about the flavor. Our secret...soak them in Italian dressing for a day, mmm good!
Following dinner we went on to Gary & Cheryl's campsite for a campfire. Jeff & Christy and their two kids joined us all. Within an hour a cloud passed over and it started to rain. We die hard campers come prepared! Umbrella's for all! Before all of us got our umbrella's the rain stopped. Good thing because I was getting a kidding about my ol nick name "the rain maker".
A few drinks, great snacks, and plenty of laughter were had. The kids were busy making everyone Smores. Brought back memories of when Jeff was just a little one and Gary was showing him how to cook the marshmallows.

Eyes getting sleepy....we hit the sack around 11pm.

Saturday, Oct. 6th.

Awoke around 8:30am. Had my famous Bacon-n-eggs. Judy joined us for coffee. Lots to do we headed for the bikes first. Talked to a couple that had a large pet parrot. Talked to my neighbor who just 3 months ago sold his home, bought his motorhome and now is living in it full time. My neighbor behind me pulled in with a huge diesel motorhome. We got to talking and he showed me what product he uses to make it shine. Of course me with my bad case of "CRS" had to take a picture of it.

Maybe next year I will try it on my ol Motorhome.

Judy told us of her "around the park" bike ride and how she enjoyed it. She really is having a great time, I'm glad she is.
Gary and I went out on the Kayaks. Boy were they neat! Much better than the paddle boats. Afterward it was dinner time again. We had my famous "Burgers". Another fine job preparing and cooking them if I must say so myself! All three of us enjoyed them. After dinner Judy and I went to play Putt Putt. Half way through Wilm showed up waiting for us to finish. Final score....well it doesn't matter....we had fun.......well OK.....Judy won by 6 shots! She wooped me! the grill for some ice cream. Mmm Good. The three of us all had a cone and soft ice cream. Following a short bike ride back to camp we gathered back at Gary & Cheryl's fire pit for the campfire. Again we only lasted till around 11pm before going to bed. Dang....we must be getting old! We used to stay up till 3am around the fire, laughing and telling jokes. But we still had a great time.
Another perfect day, great friends and family, and tomorrow we will have to head back home.

Sunday, Oct. 7th.

Slept in till 9:15am. Felt great! Called Judy on the two way radio. She has been up for a couple hours already. She has her stuff packed and is ready to check out of her cabin. She said she has had such a wonderful time, we just couldn't know how much fun she has had, and thanked us several times this morning.
It has been fun, and it makes me feel great knowing she enjoyed herself so much.

After "breaking camp" we said our good by's and headed home. Another great day weather wise, perfect for the drive, no wind at all. The trip home took a little over 2 hours with the weekend traffic.
Come back again later for more of our "adventures".

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Getting ready for another Adventure


We are busy getting the Motorhome ready for another camping week-end. Going to the Lakeshore Resort.
I have promised my sister, Judy, for many years that I would take her camping. This weekend has been picked and she has been excited for many weeks now. She is staying in a "Cabinette" . It's a small cabin large enough for 4 adults. Has a restroom, complete kitchen including a setting for 4, microwave and other small appliances, the bedroom and living room is one large room. Really nice for a great week-end of camping.
She will be sharing meals with us.
I really hope the weather holds up for a great week-end. We are planning on many activities to do with her......(this way she won't have a problem getting to sleep at night!).
I'll be taking many pictures and will post when we get back.
Come back again for more of "our adventures".

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rifle River Camp Out

Thursday, September 13, 2007

We arrived at Rifle River around 3pm, Gary & Cheryl already had their camp set up. They arrived about 3 hours prior. Boy oh boy...did they ever get us a great camp site. It seemed that we were the only ones in the park.

A few hours after we arrived, Joe & Diane arrived. Poor Diane was stressed pretty bad as they just spent at least an hour in traffic. An accident on I-75 delayed them. Plus she told us that a couple days ago, Steven, their son, had removed their rear tire to inspect the brakes and noticed the tire had a large slice on the inner sidewall. So they had to purchase a new tire. Thank God he spotted the slice....that could have been a blow out for sure!

First thing for Joe to unload......FIREWOOD. More Wood Joe, More Wood.
(This is a standing joke among us, and I know that he is laughing as he reads this)

We had a great fire and as the evening progressed the wind picked up and we all turned in early.

Friday, Sept. 14th.

The day started with sunny skies and no wind. Perfect for a walk in the Campground.

Had to take some shots of the 6 of us together.

As we walked around the campground, we found this tree.
Wilma stood in front of it so you could get an idea of it's size.

We arrived at the River and had a sit on the dock to take it all in and relax a bit.

Heading back to the Camp, had to go up "The Hill"

Along the trail back to the Camp, Wilma spots a beautiful wild flower.

Just before dinner, Wilma goes for a bike ride.

All set, ready to go.

Say good bye...and be safe!

When they returned we all sat down for a great dinner of chili, brats, and an assortment of other dishes. Thanks Diane for the great Chili. Thanks Gary & Cheryl for preparing the peppers to spice up the chili.

Afterward we sat around the fire until the eye-lids said it was time to go to bed.
Saturday, September 15th.

Wilma was first to arise and decided to take a walk around the campground.

The "Chapel in the Woods"
There are 5 campgrounds owned by the organization we belong to and each one has a Chapel.

Our campsite. Wilma & I are in the middle.

Later in the morning everyone decided to go for a ride and see a friend of ours cottage on a river near our campground. He really has a beautiful place.
This is the road coming toward the river.

Dave's dock and looking up stream of the river.

We left and headed to the Eagles Lodge for lunch.

Back at the Campground a game of "Washers" was in order.

Evening came, so did the campfire.
Campfire pies and sandwiches were on order.
Mmm Good!
Sunday, September 16

After breakfast we started getting ready to head for home. Joe & Diane left first, we took our time no big hurry to get home. About a half hour before we left, the cell phone rang. It was Diane; they were broke down on the side of I-75 with a burned out wheel bearing on the trailer. A tow truck on the way.
As we left the campground and headed home we kept an eye out for them. When I saw them I pulled over. Joe said they were taking it to an RV repair facility a few miles down the road and he would be picking it up later in the week. They both were alright so we pulled away and headed home.
Gary being retired decided to stay until Thursday, enjoying the area.
He and Cheryl were planning a bike ride the next day and enjoying the peace of the campground.

Yet another great week-end with friends. Many laughs and a good time was had by all.
Another adventure in our lives.
Come back again....until then, God Bless & keep you safe.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Tina’s Birthday Party


Today we celebrated Tina's Birthday with a Pizza party and cake and ice cream.


Little Savannah is patiently waiting for her chance to give her Mom the Birthday Presents.


It's finally time!


Tina's best big Sister Angel also was here enjoying the party with her daughter Brooke.

Afterwards my three "ladies" posed for a picture for me. 

And of course, Tina is soooo proud of her new car! 

Oh Yes.....Can't forget Angel's New Car.

What another great day with our family, celebrating another milestone.

Another fun "Adventure" was shared and enjoyed by all!

Please come back for more of our family "Adventurers".