Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

First duty today....being a Navy Viet Nam Vet... I salute all veterans of our great nation. Job well done! For those who have perished, a silent prayer has been offered to you. Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom! You will never be forgotten.

Today the weather was perfect. In the low 70's. My chore today, wax the Motorhome. As the last cleaning really didn't get the MH clean, I commenced to hand scrub it. Found out quickly that this would not do, as my arms wouldn't hold out to clean this 38 foot MH. So I get the Sears 10" polisher/buffer out. Hand spray cleaner in a 3 ft. X 3 ft. area, then work it clean with the polisher. Finally wiping it with a clean wet cloth. Looks Great!

Now the wax. Went back to my trusty NuFinish. It's a great product I recommend for any kind of waxing job. Just wipe on and wipe off with a clean dry cloth. Good for 12 months! Found the buffer worked better on this also. Used it to apply the wax. No doubt now that the wax will be in all the fiberglass pours. Started around 10am and quit at 6pm. A job without stopping and only one side done and the other side half done. Tomorrow evening I will finish the side and start on the front, weather permitting.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dad’s Birthday Present

On May 21, 2007 my Dad turned 80. What to get him for his Birthday Present? Yep I'm going to paint his front bedroom. What a surprise it was to him and my mom that they would be getting their bedroom painted. Yesterday, Friday May 25 I started the painting. When I arrived around 9:30am I was surprised to see he had the closet emptied, and everything covered ready for me to arrive. Mom said he has been working on the room a little each day getting it ready for me.

Today I finished the painting of the bedroom. Two coats were applied to the ceiling and walls. Including the closet. I have to say I did a pretty good job, knowing how picky Dad is. When I told them it was done they both headed for the room. I was kind of expecting some criticism here, but heard nothing but praises and happiness. He did say as I was leaving that it was the best present he has ever gotten. Now if you would know my Dad, that statement took allot for him to say. He has a very hard time expressing his satisfaction with anyone. I smiled as I looked him in the eye and said as I departed, maybe I'll be able to do this again. I know he knew what I meant.

Tomorrow if the weather clears I plan on working on the Motor home. Getting it ready for our vacation. It is in need of a good cleaning and wax. Now, lets hope the weather will not let me down.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hot water problems...and fixed!

Well our first camp out proved I have some maintenance to do on our hot water tank. Seems that when the hot water gets hot, the flow slows to a trickle. We made it through the camp out and here is what repair had to be done.

Looking at the back of the tank from inside the MH shows no way to get at the "check valves" on the inlet and outlet of the hot water tank. So I pulled the circuit breaker box out to take a look behind. Still not enough room. That only leaves pulling the tank out from outside the MH.

The pictures show the steps taken, and the problem maker. That little white "check" valve.

Removed the check valve and re-installed the tank. Wow...a 5 hour job! Hopefully I won't have to do that again. Checked the flow the next day after work, no leaks. Great! Now our next trip is planned for June a trip to Branson. I sure hope this problem is cured.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

First Camp of the Season

Tuesday evening, where is the time going???

Update of this past week-end: Thursday afternoon after work, we waited for Joe & Diane to arrive at out place to follow us to the camp resort. They arrived around 5pm. Gary & Cheryl were already at the resort. We arrived around 6:30 and had our first beverage by the fire. Weather a little chilly, in the low 50's but Gary & I managed to see the underside of a wine bottle which was filled with some home made wine. Mmm Mmm Good! It took us a while, had a great chat around the fire. Something we enjoy very much. And at 3:15am decided we better get some rest. What a challenge getting back to the MH and getting into bed.

Friday: Had to take 3 short naps before lunch....the head just didn't feel right! Bike rode around the park. Enjoyed the day with my hon and friends. Lit the camp fire after dinner and because of the cold wind, decided we would all call it an early night (10pm). Off to bed.


Saturday: Nice day, blue clear sky, slight wind, around the mid 60's. Played putt-putt golf. Laughed, enjoying ourselves. Wilma sprained her left ankle bad while playing. Joe went and got his van to take us back to the MH. She is in allot of pain, hope it isn't broke! Had a campfire till we burned all the available wood. Went to bed.

Sunday: Happy Mothers Day!!! Had breakfast and wanted to shower up before leaving. No hot water out of the faucet! Dang....another challenge. What could be wrong? Drained tank, refilled, water flowed. Great. Lit the burner, hot water flow! Cancelled shower. Packed up to leave. Will work on the hot water tank at a later date.

What a great week-end with friends.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

New Wax

Well I got suckered in again!
Spent twice what I should have for 2 bottles of a mail order wax. Never Never again. Nu Finish is the one and only wax to use on all vehicles. I have proven it to myself time and time again, so why did I fall for this mail order. Dang SOB!@#@!@@@##$$!@!@

OK I got that off my chest.

Did get the filter and oil changed today. Cranked up the engine and it fired up! That's a good thing!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Water tank maintenance

This evening was the first treatment of the sanitization. A cup of Bleach, 70 gallons of fresh water, pump to both sinks and let stand 2 hours.

The motorhome is leaning toward the drivers side. Must put down the jacks as the fresh water tank will not drain completly.
Man...dead battery!?!?!? Had to use the coach batteries to lower the jacks. Will check further on the condition of the engine battery tomorrow.

Drained and added a half cup of Baking Soda to another 70 gallons of fresh water. Hopefully this will get rid of the bleach smell. Letting it sit overnight. Will drain in the morning.

Getting the Motorhome Ready

Last weekend was the day to wash the rig. After 4 hours of scrubbing, and applying NuFinish to the roof it's done!
I'm beat, seems to be getting more difficult every year.