Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dad’s Birthday Present

On May 21, 2007 my Dad turned 80. What to get him for his Birthday Present? Yep I'm going to paint his front bedroom. What a surprise it was to him and my mom that they would be getting their bedroom painted. Yesterday, Friday May 25 I started the painting. When I arrived around 9:30am I was surprised to see he had the closet emptied, and everything covered ready for me to arrive. Mom said he has been working on the room a little each day getting it ready for me.

Today I finished the painting of the bedroom. Two coats were applied to the ceiling and walls. Including the closet. I have to say I did a pretty good job, knowing how picky Dad is. When I told them it was done they both headed for the room. I was kind of expecting some criticism here, but heard nothing but praises and happiness. He did say as I was leaving that it was the best present he has ever gotten. Now if you would know my Dad, that statement took allot for him to say. He has a very hard time expressing his satisfaction with anyone. I smiled as I looked him in the eye and said as I departed, maybe I'll be able to do this again. I know he knew what I meant.

Tomorrow if the weather clears I plan on working on the Motor home. Getting it ready for our vacation. It is in need of a good cleaning and wax. Now, lets hope the weather will not let me down.

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