Tuesday, May 15, 2007

First Camp of the Season

Tuesday evening, where is the time going???

Update of this past week-end: Thursday afternoon after work, we waited for Joe & Diane to arrive at out place to follow us to the camp resort. They arrived around 5pm. Gary & Cheryl were already at the resort. We arrived around 6:30 and had our first beverage by the fire. Weather a little chilly, in the low 50's but Gary & I managed to see the underside of a wine bottle which was filled with some home made wine. Mmm Mmm Good! It took us a while, had a great chat around the fire. Something we enjoy very much. And at 3:15am decided we better get some rest. What a challenge getting back to the MH and getting into bed.

Friday: Had to take 3 short naps before lunch....the head just didn't feel right! Bike rode around the park. Enjoyed the day with my hon and friends. Lit the camp fire after dinner and because of the cold wind, decided we would all call it an early night (10pm). Off to bed.


Saturday: Nice day, blue clear sky, slight wind, around the mid 60's. Played putt-putt golf. Laughed, enjoying ourselves. Wilma sprained her left ankle bad while playing. Joe went and got his van to take us back to the MH. She is in allot of pain, hope it isn't broke! Had a campfire till we burned all the available wood. Went to bed.

Sunday: Happy Mothers Day!!! Had breakfast and wanted to shower up before leaving. No hot water out of the faucet! Dang....another challenge. What could be wrong? Drained tank, refilled, water flowed. Great. Lit the burner, hot water now.....no flow! Cancelled shower. Packed up to leave. Will work on the hot water tank at a later date.

What a great week-end with friends.

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