Sunday, June 17, 2007

Branson, MO. Campsite

Sunday Morning at the Campsite

Tina called this morning wishing me a happy fathers day. Kids are
great! Reminds me I have to call dad. Had to turn on the computer to give her this blog site and WOW we are connected! Probably getting it from someone in the condo's which are about 300 feet away. So far we have to sit outside to connect, signal too weak in MH.

Told you it was like a parking lot for RVs.......

Today we are waiting for the arrival of Tommy & Connie Puckett. Wilma's 3rd. cousin and the guy I hung around with in the Navy for 4 years. They are to arrive sometime today checking in to a condo here in this complex. This afternoon we are going to go see Yaakov. He is a Russian comedian.

Sunday evening:

Just got back from seeing Yaakov.

Wilma is fixing chicken stir fry for supper, it smells great! Yaakov was pretty funny and very patriotic. You can tell he really loves America. Plan on hanging around the campground the rest of the evening,

Well look there.....Tommy & Connie are walking up to the MH.

Had dinner with us and afterward we went over to see their condo. About a 3 minute walk from the MH.

Tommy is Wilma 3rd cousin, my Navy buddy. Called Dick Snyder and told him that Tommy was here. Dick is scheduled to arrive Thursday. Are we going to be telling the sea stories. We plan on having a day to just reminisce. I'm really looking forward to it. It's been 35 years since I've seen Dick.

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