Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday’s Travels

Table Rock Lake & Table Rock Dam.

Steps leading from the parking area to view of Table Rock Lake.

As Dick Snider was born and raised in Branson, he was our driver today showing us all the sights.

Thank You Dick for a job well done!

Table Rock Lake is left of the Dam, to the right of the Dam is the start of Lake Taneycomo. Great Rainbow Trout fishing!

Lake Taneycomo with the Fish Hatchery in the background.

View of the Fish Hatchery where the Rainbow Trout are raised.

Everyone told us of the unbelievable restrooms in Shoji Tabuchi show place. So here we are getting ready to photo the johns!

First to the Gents room. Real leaded glass entry doors. No expense spared.

As soon as you enter through those doors to your left is the Pool Table Room along with spectator seats.

Then looking to your right you enter "The Room"

Many comments are made at this point. Why the ice in each urinal? I kidded with Dick telling him its to conserve water, looking at me kinda funny I said are not allowed to use the urinals unless you are able to melt ALL the ice per use!

Wash the rear of the room....a fireplace.

Didn't feel right photographing any more as some of the other accommodations were in use.

Wilma takes over here....on to the Ladies room.

Baby changing station along with the start of the stalls. Couldn't get all the stalls in this picture.

Wash basins on the right side of the room, fireplace at the rear....

And to the left of the room a sitting area.

After our tour of the City and the Rest Rooms we headed back to the MH where Dick and I looked over the Forrestal Cruise Books I had brought to reminense. Many many memories were shared.

We then went out to "Shorty Small's Restaurant" for dinner. After dinner Dick brought us back to the MH for our good by's. We had a great time with them and we will miss them much. Hopefully we all will get together again. And hopefully it won't be 35 years from now!

Tomorrow morning we will be leaving Branson, MO. We had a wonderful time with great friends. We don't know where we will be stopping for the night tomorrow, but hopfully the campground will have Wi-Fi so we can update you on our travels home.

Good Night, God Bless, and we will see you again.

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