Sunday, June 10, 2007

Getting ready for the trip

Was under the MH yesterday, greasing up the universals and taking a close look at everything. No visual signs of anything wrong so I gave it my blessing (for what ever good that will do) and put the tools away. Put a coat of wax on the front and passenger side. This will be the second coat on the passenger side. It's showing signs of stress from the sunlight. Not taking a shine at all. Oh well what you going to do? Then moved the MH half way out to the road so I could work on the awning. I have to add a little tension to the wind up springs. This took a couple hours. I was going to wash it down but time was running out for me as I had to get ready for a dinner at the Lodge.

Sunday....what a beautiful day! Had coffee with my hon on the deck. Fed the squirrels some nuts and thought about what had to be done today to get ready for the trip.Started packing my clothes. I splurged today and bought a new pair of shoes for this trip. I'm really looking forward to this trip as I did not have any vacation last year at all.

Mom was released from St. John Hospital today. Dad said she is still very tired all the time. Hopefully with some home cooking and rest she will get back to feeling better.

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