Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday’s Activities

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The 4 of us, went out to breakfast at Cracklebarrel, then on to crafty crap looking. Found Wilm an indian ring she likes.

Back at the RV Resort, showed Tommie & Connie around enjoying the landscaping, the several buildings, pools,

and other friendly things.......

Also booked Thursday dinner party at the Recreation Center. A Hawaiian theme with live band. Sounds fun!

Will be getting a bite to eat then on to the "Baldknobbers Jamboree". Show starts at 7:30. Supposed to be a very funny comedy show that was one of the originals that started this area to becoming famous. Looking forward to it.

Monday evening late.

We just got back from seeing the Baldknobbers Jamboree. Did we ever have a great time. It's gotta be the BEST show here in Branson! If you could only see one show here, this is the one to see. Comedy that makes your side hurt and eyes tear up from laughing so hard. Great country music, .... couldn't ask for more.
After the show we went to Dairy Queen for a late night treat.
Now back at the MH we are going to bed.
Oh Yes, some of the readers have asked who is SS? Well SS is my GPS guide telling me how to get to my destination. SS stands for Sleezy Sally. Also if you see MH, this stands for Motor Home. Gotta go to bed now, come back again for more updates.

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