Saturday, June 2, 2007

Motor Home Roof Repair

Eternabond Tape. Have you heard about it? I have, been keeping up with forums about the product.

The reason I asked? The past week I noticed very small cracks in the fiberglass on the outside curve where the roof meets the walls. Going back to the Winnebago Forum, I learned allot about what my roof is actually made of and of all the problems that have been written about it in the past years.

It seems that on the "bend" the product tends to age, and like myself, comes the wrinkles and cracks. Now we don't want cracks on a roof! Here comes Eternabond Tape to the rescue. Sold at Campers World, been tried and proven by numerous RV'ers for many years, so now it's my turn.

As the actual color of our Motor home is an "off white" or cream color, the tape won't match as it only comes in white. But with careful application unless it's pointed out to someone, you may not even notice it. At least I'm accepting the looks because once it's on it's on forever! See the pictures below....


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