Friday, June 22, 2007

Thursday Evening

At the Hawaiian Luau Dinner Show at the RV Park.

The O'l Salts after 35 Years. Happiness shared by all of us.

We just couldn't believe we were together again!

Left to Right;

Tommy Puckett, Dick Snyder, Connie Puckett, Connie Snyder, Wilma Hagedorn, Fred Hagedorn

David Lomond and his wife. He is singing an Elvis Hawaiian song.

Just had to get our picture with the star of the show.

After the show, off to play a round of Putt-Putt Golf at Pirate Land Golf.

Guys...I believe the women are beating us!

All aboard Mates! Don't hit the wrong hole or the ball goes in the lake around this boat that had a 3 par hole to get.

This course was on the side of the mountain! Pretty demanding and challenging.

This pretty woman will beat you at this game!

Dang...another miss.

Tommy & Connie will be leaving first thing in the morning. We will miss them. It's been a great week with them.

Dick & Connie will be going to breakfast with us tomorrow morning.

See you all tomorrow. Good night & God Bless.

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