Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday in Branson

Tuesday morning after having breakfast at the Resort Cafeteria we all decided to do our own thing. The girls decided they wanted to go swimming in the pool. Us guys wanted to do more manly things, like taking a trip to the lake, checking out the fish hatchery, the power dam, and Tommy's new boat!!!!

So off to the Lake we go! This lake is called Table Rock Lake, which was created when the need for more electrical power in the are was needed and a hydro electric dam was made.

Great lake for recreation boating, fishing or whatever.

Even a place to keep Tommy's boat! What! Yea Right! But we all have dreams. And the one he is pointing to is a small boat compared to the rest of them at the marina.

Then off to the Fish Hatchery. Thank God we had SS with us or we would have gotten lost for sure and the girls would have laughed at us again! I have to say though SS did goof up one time trying to make us turn left on to a closed road that was under construction.

The fish hatchery with the Hydro Electric Dam in the background.

Close up of the Rainbow Trout that they raise here.

Wilma arriving back at the MH from swimming while Tommy & I had a brew to consume. Temp. today 92 with high humidity. What a perfect summer day. A little warm for me but no complaints.

Tonight's dinner: Tommy & Connie will join us for Pork Chops and Sour Kraut with potatoes. Mmm...Mmmmm...Gooood!

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