Friday, July 6, 2007

Camping day 2

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Friday, July 6...A day at the beach.

See if the minnows will swim into the net if its left in one spot.

Nope....didn't work.

I'll catch those baby fish!

When you catch them, put them in the bucket.

I don't believe they listened to me...too intense into catching them.

Here Brooke...lots of 'em.

So many I'll just pick them up!

Got a chuckle out of that, with the net behind her.

Now they are getting the hang of it.

I had as much fun watching those two little girls as they did catching those "baby fish".

Checking out the catch.

Can I keep em Pa?

Sorry Rebecca, we have to let them go before they die.

I kept a safe distance from the water....alligators you know!

When the water got to cold.....there is always this to warm you up.

Time for more fishing!

Wilma bought us all a lunch to share at the beach.

Lunches always taste better outside on the beach.

After lunch I assume my "Lifeguard" position again.

No comments here please.....I know I'm not the best lifeguard, sitting in the shade, farthest away from the beach.

But with a show of force, the kids all listened to me.....even some strange kids that thought I was talking to them!

I must have missed my calling! Yea Right!

End of the day....after 4 and 1/2 hours on the beach.

New sunglasses.

Na-Na's turn.

Another perfect day, finished with a small campfire

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