Saturday, July 7, 2007

Camping Trip, Day 3.

Saturday, July 7th.
First thing on the agenda....I took the girls on a bike ride through the entire Resort.
They were concerned I would get them lost......I was concerned I would get lost!

After the bike ride.....a game of Putt-Putt.

They did GREAT!     I lost.

After a great dinner at a restaurant....I had "fish bait"....steak, it was time to head for the lake for an evening of fishing. The dock was closed for painting, so to the shore we went.


The competition is on!

This is what was caught this evening, (sea weed).

Back to the camp for the making of SMORS.

They cooked the marshmallows themselves.

Even my hon had to have one.

The construction equipment is on the North side of the lake where 350 new campsites are being constructed.

Don't forget to catch those fire flys!


Fire-Flys......remember catching them as a kid?

Na-Na & Pa caught these memories.

So much fun.

They both agreed to release them all that night. What great kids.

Yet another great sunset closing another great day at the Resort.

We leave in the morning to go back home. Na-Na and I both know that the girls miss their moms. Plus I believe we did just about everything that is offered to do, including the arcade.

Next...we take the other 3 grandkids camping in August...check in again for more updates in our "Adventures"

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