Saturday, July 28, 2007

Garage Sale....Last Day!

Making one last check for any "good junk" keepers.

Nope didn't find anything.....SELL IT ALL!

Wilma is arranging the best possible positions for the "stuff" to sell.

There is lots of "Stuff" here to sell....

Can she do it????

Bring on the costumers, she is ready to "make the deal" of a lifetime.

Actually she is counting the minutes when she can close the Sale...she is pretty pooped out.

Garage Sales are a lot of work.

As I attended a picnic sponsored by the Lodge, Wilma made the deals. When I arrived home at 4:30pm the sale was over. She assured me she did great today. I'm glad for her it wasn't a wasted day.

Now we let the Girls pick out what they may want and we box the rest up for charity. From the looks of the Garage I'm going to be making a few....well, more than a few trips to the charity drop off.

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