Monday, July 16, 2007

Hagedorn Family Reunion

A Perfect Day For A Reunion

Brooke Dobbs (Our Granddaughter) had to show Na-Na the Crayfish she caught.

I believe the kids enjoy this activity the most. 

Even Angel, our daughter got into fun of catching Crayfish. 

My brother Ken and his wife Margie arrive. Ken may be 4 years younger than I am, but his height makes him the tallest and all family members look up to him. 

My hon setting the places at the table. 

Tina, our daughter, arrives. 

Here is two of the seven beautiful "girls" in my life.
Aren't I a lucky Guy??!!! 

Come here and give Dad a hug too, Toots. 

I believe it was our 129th reunion. 

Ken, (my brother)...Judy, (my sister)...Dad and Margie (Kens wife).

Dakota talking to his Great Grandpa! All the pictures in the background are of previous reunions. You see only a small portion, going way back in history.
Tina was amazed when I showed her a picture of my fathers' mother, my Grandmother, Lena Boyd. 

Ooops...we are missing Haley and Dakota. 

Here he is playing with his Nintendo Lite, letting his dinner settle before the games begin.

I remember as a young boy, after dinner, the "old crowd" would get on their lawn chairs and gather under a shade tree.
Look at this....It's my brother, his wife and my daughter! Does that mean I'm one of the "Old Crowd" ??!?!! Ohhh Nooooo! 

Our youngest grand daughter Savannah sneaking up to Ol' Pa.
Of course you guessed it....I'm under the shade tree on a lawn chair. 

Booo Pa....I'm giving you my best "Scary Face"
Of course the little laugh she includes with it is what makes this picture so precious. 

Angel was in charge of creating a game for the 4 & 5 year olds.
It consisted of carrying an egg on a spoon to a mark in the lawn and back as fast as you can.
No losers here...everyone got a prize. Way to go Angel! 

Of course Dad had to get a hug from Angel too.
I just love my hugs from all my girls. 

Dakota and Brooke's game was to toss the water balloon back and forth. 

They came in first place.
(Dakota celebrating his victory with Brooke)
But losers.....all the kids were given prizes. 

Even Haley, our teenager granddaughter enjoyed the shade. Of course she had some "tunes" playing in her ears. She is going in High School this year....Oh My God....I am getting old!

Brooke enjoying her winnings.


Savannah enjoying her winnings from her game. 

Dakota enjoying his winnings. 

And the best picture of them all...My Hon.
Don't you just get a smile on your face looking at her here?
Together we have created a beautiful, loving family. Yes...we are a proud Na-Na and Pa.

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