Sunday, July 8, 2007

Rebecca & Brooke’s Camping Trip Day 1

Arrive at Outdoor Adventurers Lakeshore Resort on Thursday, July 5th.

Heard "Are we there yet" only twice....Not bad considering all the excitement.

First on the kids agenda.....the outdoor pool!

NaNa's agenda called for making jello molds....

Pa's the fish bait....oops I mean dinner. Fried pork chops. Mmmmm Gooood!

During our dinner the Security came around announcing that we were under a severe storm warning.....

Great....a time to catch a rain drop on your tongue.

The storm went around us. Just a few sprinkles. Time for more fun!

Look everyone! A free ride on a trolley!

It's Molly the Trolley!

A ride around the Resort, great fun.

Taken from the eastern edge of the Lake, our campsite is on the left, the under-development (350 more sites) on the right, the North side of the Lake.

Yep.....this is fun.....really!

After the trolley ice cream cone. Mmm, Mmm, Good.

Instruction time.........hook and bait on a new fishing pole.

PA!...PA!....I GOT ONE!.... HURRY!

Brooke's first fish of many.

Can we keep it Pa?

Sorry Brooke, no we have to let him go.

Rebecca showing us she can catch those fish also.

This is where the fish are.

Even a baby turtle wants a piece of that "Pork Chop" that Brooke's fish already has.

The day ends with a beautiful sunset on the lake.

Getting ready for a campfire.

The kids were in bed at 10pm. Sleeping by 10:05pm! What a great day!

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