Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Need a new Battery.

Last week-end I noticed the lights dimming in the Motorhome. It brought to mind the last camping trip I noticed the built in charger working excessively hard to keep the batteries charged. So I disconnected them both and put my portable charger on one of them. Even after 24 hours it could not charge the battery! That is a good reason to pull it out of the MH and take it in for replacement. The second battery charged right up, so it's ok.

This doesn't have to be done right away, as the next two camping trips are scheduled at parks with electric hook up. But when I travel to Florida next year, you never know what parks you will be staying at. If you don't have an electric hook up, then you really need both batteries.

Sorry I didn't take a picture and post it. Maybe I'll get time this week end to get one.

This Saturday I have an appointment to get the tires balanced. When I get to 60 MPH I have a shake. I really hope they find a tire that isn't balanced and cure the shake problem.

Check back again for more updates....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Haley & Dakota’s Camping Trip

As soon as he arrived, Dakota knew what was first to do.....

Head for the outdoor swimming pool for an hour or so of swimming.
Haley needed to catch up on her writing.

Didn't I tell you that someday she is going to be a famous author of many, best selling books.
When Dakota got back to camp.....catching some fish bait was the next plan of things to do.

So off went Haley and Dakota for the "fish bait adventurer".
Needless to say, no fish were caught and the bait was "chicken skin", which proved successful.
After a while with no further must move to where the fish are.

So to the fishing dock they go!

Back at camp....the "gang" gets a quick photo shot. Don't we look great?!??!!

First on the agenda....Putt-Putt. Haley wasn't up to playing so I and Dakota went to tackle the course.

Next.....Na-Na took him to the Indoor Pool for a few hours of activity.

Getting the fire ready for "Smoors".....mmmmm goooood!

Numerous things to do today....LET'S DO THEM ALL!!!
Another great camping trip.....another memory.....another fun adventure!

Wilma’s Kentucky Home Visit

Tuesday, August 7.  Wilma’s Blog

Left home around 7:33 am. Thought maybe most of the Detroit traffic would be done. Wrong! it started raining. and rained and rained. Finally right in Findlay Ohio it was raining so hard I could not see the lights in front of me. So I spotted my favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel. What better time to have breakfast/lunch than when you can't see to drive...

The drive was long but I called Eddy about an hour away and told him I was almost there. I told him I would stop to see him but couldn't stay long. He told me 'You better stop long enough to have dinner, or I will have to kick your butt.".. well since my butt already was hurting, I decided to stop and have dinner with him.. It was delicious. Then I went to check into my hotel.

Wednesday morning I went to my home town of Dixon to pick up my cousin Linda and we were to meet her sisters at the little hang out at the edge of town.

Here we have left to right, Jackie, Bert, (Shirley's husband) Shirley, Linda & Roger

Rosa showed up and so did Jackie's daughter Melanie with Jackie's first grandson.

After I left here, I had to go check out the big addition to town, the Family Dollar.....

Right to left: Gary, we grew up with him, he owns the hangout. Linda, Rosa, Jackie, Shirley,

Back Row: Bert, Roger and Me

We had coffee and had some laughs.. It was so good being with family

Here is Jackie's first grandson.. He is so cute and he was smiling at me and trying to talk.

Friday, I went to town and picked up Linda and we met Charlene, (a friend from school) for lunch at the only Mexican restaurant in town. Well the town isn't that big...

We had a lot of laughs, especially when Charlene spilled salsa on herself, and she couldn't get the waiters attention and she snapped her fingers, I just looked at her and said 'did you just snap,' she said 'well he don't understand English'. The guy across the isle spilled his tea and it splashed all over his wife's face and was

dripping down her nose.

All dressed up and ready for a night out.

My little brother Eddy and me all dressed and ready for a night out with my cousins. We had a nice time

Linda and me getting ready to go out and dance to some music. Well she did more dancing than I did. But we all had a great time

I went to visit my Aunt Loreidas house down by Ky Lake. She made us a nice home grown garden lunch with pork chops, we had a nice visit and my brother played the piano for her then we headed back to Madisonville.

Monday I went to visit my Mom and Dads grave. Then went to my Aunt Deans house, sat with her for a little bit and visited then left and went to Linda's house for a while.

Got up early Tuesday morning and headed for home.. Arrived about 5. Was tired but wasn't too bad. Had good weather all the way.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Camping with Grandkids

Tomorrow we are going to be taking Haley, our eldest granddaughter, and Dakota, or only grandson, both children of Tina's, on their annual camping trip.

They have been looking forward to this weekend for some time now. Dakota told me last week that he planned on going fishing, going putt putt golfing, going fishing, going swimming, going fishing, riding his bike, and going fishing.

Can you tell what he is really looking forward to doing???

I hope the weather will stay as nice as it has been these last few weeks.

If I get a chance I'll post pictures tomorrow evening. There is wi-fi at the park but only in the club house. I was told some of the campsites that are very close to the club house may also be able to pick it up. We will see. If not, then by Monday I should have a large posting.

Monday, August 13, 2007

A call from Wilma

Last night Wilma called and told me that the "Check Engine" light had come on in the car.

Oh Boy....that doesn't sound good at all. I didn't want her to get to worried so I told her it had to be nothing. I have to say...I lost some sleep over it though. I didn't want her to make the trip back home knowing something might be wrong. So this morning I called her and told her to get the car into a Buick Dealer. She called a few hours later. Eddie, her brother, suggested that she take the car to a friend of his that has a repair shop. She did and he found the problem, fixed it and said have a great day, no charge! That made us both happy and gave us both piece of mind.

Today marks the anniversary of the death of her Mom, Dad, Brother Rickie, and Sister Vickie. It's been 35 years today. I talked to her again this evening and brought it up. She is handling it well, Eddie had a hard time with it last night. She said they both were on the phone to each other for a long time talking and consoling each other. I guess it was meant for her to make this trip. God works in mysterious ways. The phone call last night between brother and sister probably did them both a world of good. At least I pray it did.

Well.....this evening was another dinner date for me.

Mom, Dad, sister Judy and myself were to meet at Roses Restaurant at 5pm to have dinner with Sister Catherine and her family to celebrate her birthday. I knew when it was 5:05 and nobody was at the Restaurant someone had made a mistake. So I phoned Mom & Dad. Mom said they were getting ready to go to the restaurant, I said I was already there, she said we weren't supposed to be there until 5:30! Ok...and I hung up. Now....while waiting I presumed I may have got the time wrong. Judy walks in. I tell her about the times. She says that they usually eat at 5pm and that they may have told me 5. A few minutes later, around 5:20 in comes Mom & Dad. We are seated and waiting for the "birthday girl". Now here is where it gets even better.....Judy asked for a phone at 5:40. Called Sister Catherine wondering where she was. Catherine says "up north" at the new house. Shock on Judy's face! Yep....just another day in the life of the Hagedorn's! Even the birthday girl didn't get the time right.

Now the question......really....who forgot what? I DON'T KNOW!

Got to laugh makes for a pretty good story in another of our "Adventures".

Wilma will be heading home tomorrow's been a long week and I miss her terribly. I will be so glad to see her again tomorrow.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Two more dinner dates!

I feel like a King.....having so many dinner dates!!!

Last night was daughter Tina's turn for her dinner date. I stopped at a Jets Pizza on the way to pick her up to get the kids a pizza and Jets bread. When I arrived at Tina's place the kids were ready to eat. They wasted no time at all eating the Pizza.

Tina and I went out to an Italian restaurant on Hall Rd. We both couldn't believe how great the food was! When my hon gets back I will definitely take her there for dinner.

After dinner, both of us stuffed, she couldn't decide where to go next. She mentioned she wasn't ready to go back home. I suggested we go to Lakeside Mall just to walk around and talk. Parking the car in the lot she mentioned she really didn't feel like walking through the mall so we decided to just sit, watch the people go in and out of the mall and talk.

Then she spotted a young couple with an ice cream cone. Boy does that look good she off to the ice cream parlor we went to get an ice cream. Being very warm in the ice cream parlor, we decided to eat our ice cream in the car. So I turned the car around in the parking lot to watch the traffic going up and down the road. Which brought to my mind the next conversation we had.

I told her this reminded me when I was a little boy around 7. (WOW That was 50 years ago!) sitting on my Grandma's porch with her watching the cars go down Schoenheer while I ate the ice cream she gave me. After a little discussion, (actually me reminiscing), Tina decided she would like to go see the house. we went.

I was surprised someone was living in the house and had it in great shape. Green grass, flowers, etc. We stopped and I pointed out to her the different windows and what rooms they were in. I believe she could actually picture me running around that house as a little boy 50 years ago. She enjoyed the stories so much she took pictures with her cell phone of the house.

We left and headed back to her place. I could tell she was getting just a little un-easy because of the condition of the area. Even I would not want to be in the area after dark!

It was a very enjoyable evening with my youngest daughter. Great food, a little relaxation after dinner, an ice cream treat for desert, and finally a few stories about a part of the life of her father. What a great time!

This evening I treated my sister Judy to dinner. We went to our favorite restaurant, Long Horns. Great food, talked about our family, and just enjoyed each others company. Afterward she was going to Mom & Dad's to watch the Tigers play on TV with Dad. I went home and did this Blog and caught up on some Lodge work.

Talked to my hon on the phone tonight. She tells me it's been around 100 or hotter each day she has been there! WOW......Makes me appreciate the great Michigan summers even more! We talked about 45 minutes before hanging up. I really miss my hon.

You almost take each other for granted through life until your separated for a while. Then your feelings kick in and you really know your still in love and miss her terribly. I will be glad when Tuesday gets here as this is the day she will be back home with me.

Later with another adventure.....

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

On her Vacation

She made it to her hometown to visit with her family. Wilma called last night letting me know she made it safe and sound. I believe she said it took around 9 hours to get there. Had rain all the way to Cinci, Ohio.

She has the laptop and camera so no pictures in the next few Blogs.

Took Angel & Brooke out to dinner this evening. When I asked where they wanted to go, Brooke said "Lets go to George's".

Now there isn't a restaurant named George's. Actually George is a waiter at Rendezvous Restaurant. He is also a neighbor in Angel's and Brook's old neighborhood. Brooke likes to go there because George gives her little extra's. Like a small cup of cherries to put in her Sprite. Making it look like a fancy drink. Of course Angel and I really like it also.

We were seated right next to the Large fish tank. Brooke couldn't keep her eyes off the "really big fish". I have to say, he was pretty big. It couldn't hardly turn around in the tank and it has to be at least a 500 gallon tank!

So for an appetizer we couldn't decide. So Brooke decided for us. OoooPaaaa! When it arrived we divided it up into 4 pieces. One for Angel, one for me, and two for Brooke. (Had to do it that way seeing how she made the decision.)

When the rest of the food came, Brooke just couldn't pass up trying Mom's, (Angel) French fries. I had to chuckle to myself as she was eating more than Angel, and Angel never once let on she  noticed. Well by the time we were done, Brooke had to get a carry out box for her dinner, as she was full of fries and OoooPaaaa! Mmmm Good...Spaghetti tomorrow. (That's what Brooke ordered.)

Had a great dinner, lots of laughs, and an amusing time.

Taking Tina out for dinner tomorrow evening. I really do enjoy this "special" time with my daughters.

Although after 37 years of marriage, I really miss my hon!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Getting ready for another trip

Sorry for the lack of pictures....just an update on what's been going on around the homestead.

Took the car in for brake service yesterday. Wilma and I had a discussion about me doing the brake job myself. I wanted to replace the front pads, which I knew I could do. She thought I should take it in and have it done.

Last Thursday, looking through the paper an add jumped out at me. Maybe fate, maybe a blessing, I don't know. A family owned business just a few miles from the house. Thought I would give them a try on a brake job...really didn't want to take it to a Buick Dealer as we all know there service rates!

Made the appointment for Friday morning. Friday afternoon the job was completed for a total cost of around $625.00. I know I know....WOW! But I am glad I did it as they found things with the brake system I wouldn't have. Like both rear brake cylinders leaking....needing a complete brake fluid flush, etc...

They did a complete auto check of every system on the car pointing out things that need attention and the cost to repair. I was impressed with the paperwork furnished and the great job done on the brakes. I didn't realize how bad they really were getting until I drove the car home from the repair.

I guess I can't complain, the car is 9 years old and this is the first major brake job. Think I can get another 9 years out of this Buick???

Today, Saturday, my 97 Saturn is having a brake job done. Haven't heard what the final bill will be but I hope it's not as high as the Buick. Either way....I guess I'll pay because it's a great little car with no problems that I'm aware of. I feel this car has many miles of life left in it, so it's new brakes for it also.

Forgot to tell you....The service manager is the son of the original owners and now manages the operations. He pointed out that the battery in the Buick looks like the original.

Really???? Naw...can't be! Everyone knows batteries don't last 9 years! But I, with my instant recall memory, thought the situation out. Nope my memory tells me I have never replaced the battery. So I headed for Auto Zone. Bought a new battery and this morning installed it myself. Took close to an hour and I saved $30.00. You have to realize that my "great" memory didn't remember me not doing this before until I started the job. I know I had not done this before because of all the braces and electrical box I had to remove just to get to the battery! I would of remembered doing all that extra work for sure.

So..I guess the manager of the service company wasn't really overpriced too much.

I guess I just hate to spend that kind of money on repairs of a car that costs soooo much when you buy it new. Shouldn't it just keep going on forever??? Yea right!

NEWS FLASH!!!!! Saturn is ready....All systems a go.

Well....I did it. I gave him permission to flush all systems on the Saturn, that includes a complete trans fluid flush with new filter, gas filter, brake flush and complete brake job, power steering flush and cooling system flush. MAN O MAN! The only thing not done to this little car is the 4 plugs and wires replaced! I mean he even cleaned the fuel injection system. I didn't realize there should be all these things serviced.

Again though, I'm good for at least 5 years of (Knock on wood) trouble free driving. Nope...I'm not going to tell you what the final bill was. To find that information out you need to take your car in and have all that work done. All I will say is this. Sticker shock? Yep! But like Wilma's done now and done right!

Another adventure in our lives.....more to follow.