Monday, August 13, 2007

A call from Wilma

Last night Wilma called and told me that the "Check Engine" light had come on in the car.

Oh Boy....that doesn't sound good at all. I didn't want her to get to worried so I told her it had to be nothing. I have to say...I lost some sleep over it though. I didn't want her to make the trip back home knowing something might be wrong. So this morning I called her and told her to get the car into a Buick Dealer. She called a few hours later. Eddie, her brother, suggested that she take the car to a friend of his that has a repair shop. She did and he found the problem, fixed it and said have a great day, no charge! That made us both happy and gave us both piece of mind.

Today marks the anniversary of the death of her Mom, Dad, Brother Rickie, and Sister Vickie. It's been 35 years today. I talked to her again this evening and brought it up. She is handling it well, Eddie had a hard time with it last night. She said they both were on the phone to each other for a long time talking and consoling each other. I guess it was meant for her to make this trip. God works in mysterious ways. The phone call last night between brother and sister probably did them both a world of good. At least I pray it did.

Well.....this evening was another dinner date for me.

Mom, Dad, sister Judy and myself were to meet at Roses Restaurant at 5pm to have dinner with Sister Catherine and her family to celebrate her birthday. I knew when it was 5:05 and nobody was at the Restaurant someone had made a mistake. So I phoned Mom & Dad. Mom said they were getting ready to go to the restaurant, I said I was already there, she said we weren't supposed to be there until 5:30! Ok...and I hung up. Now....while waiting I presumed I may have got the time wrong. Judy walks in. I tell her about the times. She says that they usually eat at 5pm and that they may have told me 5. A few minutes later, around 5:20 in comes Mom & Dad. We are seated and waiting for the "birthday girl". Now here is where it gets even better.....Judy asked for a phone at 5:40. Called Sister Catherine wondering where she was. Catherine says "up north" at the new house. Shock on Judy's face! Yep....just another day in the life of the Hagedorn's! Even the birthday girl didn't get the time right.

Now the question......really....who forgot what? I DON'T KNOW!

Got to laugh makes for a pretty good story in another of our "Adventures".

Wilma will be heading home tomorrow's been a long week and I miss her terribly. I will be so glad to see her again tomorrow.


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