Saturday, August 4, 2007

Getting ready for another trip

Sorry for the lack of pictures....just an update on what's been going on around the homestead.

Took the car in for brake service yesterday. Wilma and I had a discussion about me doing the brake job myself. I wanted to replace the front pads, which I knew I could do. She thought I should take it in and have it done.

Last Thursday, looking through the paper an add jumped out at me. Maybe fate, maybe a blessing, I don't know. A family owned business just a few miles from the house. Thought I would give them a try on a brake job...really didn't want to take it to a Buick Dealer as we all know there service rates!

Made the appointment for Friday morning. Friday afternoon the job was completed for a total cost of around $625.00. I know I know....WOW! But I am glad I did it as they found things with the brake system I wouldn't have. Like both rear brake cylinders leaking....needing a complete brake fluid flush, etc...

They did a complete auto check of every system on the car pointing out things that need attention and the cost to repair. I was impressed with the paperwork furnished and the great job done on the brakes. I didn't realize how bad they really were getting until I drove the car home from the repair.

I guess I can't complain, the car is 9 years old and this is the first major brake job. Think I can get another 9 years out of this Buick???

Today, Saturday, my 97 Saturn is having a brake job done. Haven't heard what the final bill will be but I hope it's not as high as the Buick. Either way....I guess I'll pay because it's a great little car with no problems that I'm aware of. I feel this car has many miles of life left in it, so it's new brakes for it also.

Forgot to tell you....The service manager is the son of the original owners and now manages the operations. He pointed out that the battery in the Buick looks like the original.

Really???? Naw...can't be! Everyone knows batteries don't last 9 years! But I, with my instant recall memory, thought the situation out. Nope my memory tells me I have never replaced the battery. So I headed for Auto Zone. Bought a new battery and this morning installed it myself. Took close to an hour and I saved $30.00. You have to realize that my "great" memory didn't remember me not doing this before until I started the job. I know I had not done this before because of all the braces and electrical box I had to remove just to get to the battery! I would of remembered doing all that extra work for sure.

So..I guess the manager of the service company wasn't really overpriced too much.

I guess I just hate to spend that kind of money on repairs of a car that costs soooo much when you buy it new. Shouldn't it just keep going on forever??? Yea right!

NEWS FLASH!!!!! Saturn is ready....All systems a go.

Well....I did it. I gave him permission to flush all systems on the Saturn, that includes a complete trans fluid flush with new filter, gas filter, brake flush and complete brake job, power steering flush and cooling system flush. MAN O MAN! The only thing not done to this little car is the 4 plugs and wires replaced! I mean he even cleaned the fuel injection system. I didn't realize there should be all these things serviced.

Again though, I'm good for at least 5 years of (Knock on wood) trouble free driving. Nope...I'm not going to tell you what the final bill was. To find that information out you need to take your car in and have all that work done. All I will say is this. Sticker shock? Yep! But like Wilma's done now and done right!

Another adventure in our lives.....more to follow.

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