Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Need a new Battery.

Last week-end I noticed the lights dimming in the Motorhome. It brought to mind the last camping trip I noticed the built in charger working excessively hard to keep the batteries charged. So I disconnected them both and put my portable charger on one of them. Even after 24 hours it could not charge the battery! That is a good reason to pull it out of the MH and take it in for replacement. The second battery charged right up, so it's ok.

This doesn't have to be done right away, as the next two camping trips are scheduled at parks with electric hook up. But when I travel to Florida next year, you never know what parks you will be staying at. If you don't have an electric hook up, then you really need both batteries.

Sorry I didn't take a picture and post it. Maybe I'll get time this week end to get one.

This Saturday I have an appointment to get the tires balanced. When I get to 60 MPH I have a shake. I really hope they find a tire that isn't balanced and cure the shake problem.

Check back again for more updates....

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