Wednesday, August 8, 2007

On her Vacation

She made it to her hometown to visit with her family. Wilma called last night letting me know she made it safe and sound. I believe she said it took around 9 hours to get there. Had rain all the way to Cinci, Ohio.

She has the laptop and camera so no pictures in the next few Blogs.

Took Angel & Brooke out to dinner this evening. When I asked where they wanted to go, Brooke said "Lets go to George's".

Now there isn't a restaurant named George's. Actually George is a waiter at Rendezvous Restaurant. He is also a neighbor in Angel's and Brook's old neighborhood. Brooke likes to go there because George gives her little extra's. Like a small cup of cherries to put in her Sprite. Making it look like a fancy drink. Of course Angel and I really like it also.

We were seated right next to the Large fish tank. Brooke couldn't keep her eyes off the "really big fish". I have to say, he was pretty big. It couldn't hardly turn around in the tank and it has to be at least a 500 gallon tank!

So for an appetizer we couldn't decide. So Brooke decided for us. OoooPaaaa! When it arrived we divided it up into 4 pieces. One for Angel, one for me, and two for Brooke. (Had to do it that way seeing how she made the decision.)

When the rest of the food came, Brooke just couldn't pass up trying Mom's, (Angel) French fries. I had to chuckle to myself as she was eating more than Angel, and Angel never once let on she  noticed. Well by the time we were done, Brooke had to get a carry out box for her dinner, as she was full of fries and OoooPaaaa! Mmmm Good...Spaghetti tomorrow. (That's what Brooke ordered.)

Had a great dinner, lots of laughs, and an amusing time.

Taking Tina out for dinner tomorrow evening. I really do enjoy this "special" time with my daughters.

Although after 37 years of marriage, I really miss my hon!

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