Friday, August 10, 2007

Two more dinner dates!

I feel like a King.....having so many dinner dates!!!

Last night was daughter Tina's turn for her dinner date. I stopped at a Jets Pizza on the way to pick her up to get the kids a pizza and Jets bread. When I arrived at Tina's place the kids were ready to eat. They wasted no time at all eating the Pizza.

Tina and I went out to an Italian restaurant on Hall Rd. We both couldn't believe how great the food was! When my hon gets back I will definitely take her there for dinner.

After dinner, both of us stuffed, she couldn't decide where to go next. She mentioned she wasn't ready to go back home. I suggested we go to Lakeside Mall just to walk around and talk. Parking the car in the lot she mentioned she really didn't feel like walking through the mall so we decided to just sit, watch the people go in and out of the mall and talk.

Then she spotted a young couple with an ice cream cone. Boy does that look good she off to the ice cream parlor we went to get an ice cream. Being very warm in the ice cream parlor, we decided to eat our ice cream in the car. So I turned the car around in the parking lot to watch the traffic going up and down the road. Which brought to my mind the next conversation we had.

I told her this reminded me when I was a little boy around 7. (WOW That was 50 years ago!) sitting on my Grandma's porch with her watching the cars go down Schoenheer while I ate the ice cream she gave me. After a little discussion, (actually me reminiscing), Tina decided she would like to go see the house. we went.

I was surprised someone was living in the house and had it in great shape. Green grass, flowers, etc. We stopped and I pointed out to her the different windows and what rooms they were in. I believe she could actually picture me running around that house as a little boy 50 years ago. She enjoyed the stories so much she took pictures with her cell phone of the house.

We left and headed back to her place. I could tell she was getting just a little un-easy because of the condition of the area. Even I would not want to be in the area after dark!

It was a very enjoyable evening with my youngest daughter. Great food, a little relaxation after dinner, an ice cream treat for desert, and finally a few stories about a part of the life of her father. What a great time!

This evening I treated my sister Judy to dinner. We went to our favorite restaurant, Long Horns. Great food, talked about our family, and just enjoyed each others company. Afterward she was going to Mom & Dad's to watch the Tigers play on TV with Dad. I went home and did this Blog and caught up on some Lodge work.

Talked to my hon on the phone tonight. She tells me it's been around 100 or hotter each day she has been there! WOW......Makes me appreciate the great Michigan summers even more! We talked about 45 minutes before hanging up. I really miss my hon.

You almost take each other for granted through life until your separated for a while. Then your feelings kick in and you really know your still in love and miss her terribly. I will be glad when Tuesday gets here as this is the day she will be back home with me.

Later with another adventure.....

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