Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wilma’s Kentucky Home Visit

Tuesday, August 7.  Wilma’s Blog

Left home around 7:33 am. Thought maybe most of the Detroit traffic would be done. Wrong! it started raining. and rained and rained. Finally right in Findlay Ohio it was raining so hard I could not see the lights in front of me. So I spotted my favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel. What better time to have breakfast/lunch than when you can't see to drive...

The drive was long but I called Eddy about an hour away and told him I was almost there. I told him I would stop to see him but couldn't stay long. He told me 'You better stop long enough to have dinner, or I will have to kick your butt.".. well since my butt already was hurting, I decided to stop and have dinner with him.. It was delicious. Then I went to check into my hotel.

Wednesday morning I went to my home town of Dixon to pick up my cousin Linda and we were to meet her sisters at the little hang out at the edge of town.

Here we have left to right, Jackie, Bert, (Shirley's husband) Shirley, Linda & Roger

Rosa showed up and so did Jackie's daughter Melanie with Jackie's first grandson.

After I left here, I had to go check out the big addition to town, the Family Dollar.....

Right to left: Gary, we grew up with him, he owns the hangout. Linda, Rosa, Jackie, Shirley,

Back Row: Bert, Roger and Me

We had coffee and had some laughs.. It was so good being with family

Here is Jackie's first grandson.. He is so cute and he was smiling at me and trying to talk.

Friday, I went to town and picked up Linda and we met Charlene, (a friend from school) for lunch at the only Mexican restaurant in town. Well the town isn't that big...

We had a lot of laughs, especially when Charlene spilled salsa on herself, and she couldn't get the waiters attention and she snapped her fingers, I just looked at her and said 'did you just snap,' she said 'well he don't understand English'. The guy across the isle spilled his tea and it splashed all over his wife's face and was

dripping down her nose.

All dressed up and ready for a night out.

My little brother Eddy and me all dressed and ready for a night out with my cousins. We had a nice time

Linda and me getting ready to go out and dance to some music. Well she did more dancing than I did. But we all had a great time

I went to visit my Aunt Loreidas house down by Ky Lake. She made us a nice home grown garden lunch with pork chops, we had a nice visit and my brother played the piano for her then we headed back to Madisonville.

Monday I went to visit my Mom and Dads grave. Then went to my Aunt Deans house, sat with her for a little bit and visited then left and went to Linda's house for a while.

Got up early Tuesday morning and headed for home.. Arrived about 5. Was tired but wasn't too bad. Had good weather all the way.

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