Sunday, October 7, 2007

Lakeshore Camp Trip with Judy

Thursday, Oct. 4th.

Judy arrived around 1pm excited and ready to go on her week-end vacation. We (Judy and I) left around 1:15, Wilma stayed behind to watch Brooke this evening while Angel goes to College Classes.
Had to stop and fill up. Put $135.00 in to fill it up! Got back in to the Motorhome after filling with gas, turned the key, and nothing. OH NO...this is not good. Did the battery just die on me? I just drove it in here about 10 minutes ago, what happened. Both Judy and I looked at each other, and you could read our faces. I went to the battery compartment, opened and closed the disconnect switch a couple times, (really didn't know if it would do any good or not). Got back behind the wheel, turned the key and it started! Thank you God! What a relief and joy came over both of us. Judy made the comment she was doing her prayers, they must have worked, so off we went on to the campground.
Two hours later we pulled into the park. Judy taking it all in, as this was her first time at this campground. I found a campsite behind her cabin, about 5 sights back, easily within walking distance. Great! I set up and then we rode our bikes to the office to check in.
Judy just thought her cabin was the greatest! She started right away making her bed, etc., as I finished setting up my site.

Gary stopped by....he arrived around 1:30 today also. Jeff, his son and his family will be renting a cabin just 2 over from Judy. Small world isn't it! We, Gary and I decided that having the campfire at his site would be the best. I told him I would tell Judy and that we would bring some firewood over. Gary left, I went over to see how Judy was doing. She has her cabin all set up already! We started taking the leftover firewood from her fire pit over to Gary's. On the second trip she found a dollar in her fire pit! Luck is on her side today!
We then went back to my place and had supper, Kielbasa and corn. Mmmm Good I must say.
My hon called me around 9pm. It was good to talk to her, I miss her already! It just doesn't feel right without her. After talking to her I went to bed.

Friday, Oct. 5th.

Woke by the Dumpster Truck banging the dumpsters as he was emptying them at 7AM. Dang...I'm not getting up yet. Back to sleep and got up around 8:30am. Now that's more like it. Judy came over and had coffee with me.
Wilma showed up around 10am. We all went on a bike ride. Taking in all the fall colors, enjoying the quiet of the campground. How things will change though for the week-end.
After awhile we all went back to our campsite. It was a lazy, laid back kind of day. Just lounging around, resting, enjoying each others company. Beautiful weather, beautiful day.

Had a great steak for dinner. Wilma made the salad and veggies, while I grilled the steak. Judy really raved about the flavor. Our secret...soak them in Italian dressing for a day, mmm good!
Following dinner we went on to Gary & Cheryl's campsite for a campfire. Jeff & Christy and their two kids joined us all. Within an hour a cloud passed over and it started to rain. We die hard campers come prepared! Umbrella's for all! Before all of us got our umbrella's the rain stopped. Good thing because I was getting a kidding about my ol nick name "the rain maker".
A few drinks, great snacks, and plenty of laughter were had. The kids were busy making everyone Smores. Brought back memories of when Jeff was just a little one and Gary was showing him how to cook the marshmallows.

Eyes getting sleepy....we hit the sack around 11pm.

Saturday, Oct. 6th.

Awoke around 8:30am. Had my famous Bacon-n-eggs. Judy joined us for coffee. Lots to do we headed for the bikes first. Talked to a couple that had a large pet parrot. Talked to my neighbor who just 3 months ago sold his home, bought his motorhome and now is living in it full time. My neighbor behind me pulled in with a huge diesel motorhome. We got to talking and he showed me what product he uses to make it shine. Of course me with my bad case of "CRS" had to take a picture of it.

Maybe next year I will try it on my ol Motorhome.

Judy told us of her "around the park" bike ride and how she enjoyed it. She really is having a great time, I'm glad she is.
Gary and I went out on the Kayaks. Boy were they neat! Much better than the paddle boats. Afterward it was dinner time again. We had my famous "Burgers". Another fine job preparing and cooking them if I must say so myself! All three of us enjoyed them. After dinner Judy and I went to play Putt Putt. Half way through Wilm showed up waiting for us to finish. Final score....well it doesn't matter....we had fun.......well OK.....Judy won by 6 shots! She wooped me! the grill for some ice cream. Mmm Good. The three of us all had a cone and soft ice cream. Following a short bike ride back to camp we gathered back at Gary & Cheryl's fire pit for the campfire. Again we only lasted till around 11pm before going to bed. Dang....we must be getting old! We used to stay up till 3am around the fire, laughing and telling jokes. But we still had a great time.
Another perfect day, great friends and family, and tomorrow we will have to head back home.

Sunday, Oct. 7th.

Slept in till 9:15am. Felt great! Called Judy on the two way radio. She has been up for a couple hours already. She has her stuff packed and is ready to check out of her cabin. She said she has had such a wonderful time, we just couldn't know how much fun she has had, and thanked us several times this morning.
It has been fun, and it makes me feel great knowing she enjoyed herself so much.

After "breaking camp" we said our good by's and headed home. Another great day weather wise, perfect for the drive, no wind at all. The trip home took a little over 2 hours with the weekend traffic.
Come back again later for more of our "adventures".

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