Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ready for the Winter?


It's been a busy week! Worked 6 days this week, plus worked on the Motorhome getting it ready for Winter.
Gave it an oil and filter change now instead of in the Spring like I usually do. I did this because we are planning a long distance trip in March, and I sure do not want to crawl under the Motorhome and give it an oil change then!
Blew out the water lines with air, drained the hot water tank, and treated the "traps" with anti-freeze. Tomorrow I will remove the batteries and kiss it good night until March.
I'm believing we are going to get allot of snow this winter....just got the feeling! I guess because I'm already looking at the sky for any sight of "blue" sky. It's getting harder every day to find a blue sky. Today it was really cloudy, you know those dark kind you get in the winter just before a big snow storm, or in the summer just before a rain gusher. Oh man I'm dreading the winter already!
Well....till next time....
Wonder what and when our next Adventure will be....
Till then....take care, God Bless.

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