Monday, October 29, 2007

Tina's Van is up for Sale.

I finally found the title, so now it's ready to sell. Yep...seeing how Tina, our youngest daughter purchased a new, (well new to her) car, we are selling her Mini Van. Asking price, only $600.00


It sat in my garage for the last 2 weeks without being driven, because it does not have plates or insurance on it. It has a new battery so I figured it would start. It did! So I moved it outside in back of the Motorhome. After all, the windows were a little frosty this morning on my car and I need to get my garage back.
I listed it on "" This is a free advertising list. It has listings from just about any city in the country, and all kinds of items are listed. If you have never visited I encourage you to check it out.
Wish us luck in selling the Van.
Yet another Adventure, someone will be getting a pretty good Van pretty cheap.

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