Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner

What a great day! Upon waking up this morning I noticed a slight bit of snow on the deck. Like my Grandma used to say...."If it snows on Thanksgiving, that means the winter will have alot of snow". So it looks like the ol snow blower will get a work out this winter, according to Grandma.

Everything went along as planned. Wilma and I had the Lodge looking great and the food ready to eat about 10 minutes past schedule. Not bad seeing that the oven cooking the turkey was 75 degrees cooler than the set point of 350. I did compensate for it after 45 minutes of cooking though.

As everyone arrived to food table began to fill. Mom and Margie made it up with the Ol Chair Lift ok. Margie had a harder time of it though. I promised her the next time we will have the new lift installed.

The family all took a seat, posed for a camera shot, and dug in. Mmmm Good.

It seemed like the whole family pitched in to help clean up. A special thanks to everyone that helped. After everyone left, I stayed to do the final clean up. The Lodge looks good, can't even tell we were here! Arrived home around 5pm.....tired....really tired. But it was well worth it. A very enjoyable day by everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and Wilma and I wish you all many more.

A special thanks goes out to "My Hon" Wilma. For if it weren't for her this fantastic family event wouldn't have taken place. Great Job my hon, I Love Ya!

Come back again for another "Adventure".

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