Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tragic News

Tina, Brandy, and Angel in 2003

Thursday evening we got a very disturbing phone call from Wilma's brother Eddie. His step daughter, Brandy, had a very bad Asthma spell Thursday afternoon. While her boyfriend rushed her to the hospital it seems that she lost consciousness. Arriving at the hospital lifeless.

A beautiful young lady of only 29 years old. Only one faint brain wave; lays in the hospital on a respirator as her mother must make the chilling decision no one wants to make.

Wilma feels so helpless, what can she say or do for her brother to help relieve his pain?

Friday News:

It was determined that Brandy wanted to be a organ donor. So the family decided Saturday the respirator will be disconnected.

Saturday News:

Brandy kept breathing and the Doctors had to re-insert the respirator. Has to do with the laws in Kentucky. Even with her kidneys failing, and her limbs starting to pull upward in the fetal position, they could not leave her without the aid of the respirator. The Doctors tell the family it will be just a matter of time now with her other organs starting to shut down.

The recipients have been notified.

Life; a young woman must die for others to live.

One side of the coin a severe tragedy, the other a ray of hope and excitement for a new life.

Our prayers go out to Eddie, and his family.

May God cradle Brandy's soul in his loving arms and welcome her to his home in heaven.

We ask that you also keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

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