Friday, June 29, 2007

Getting ready for the Block Party

Today has been a relaxing day. After all we folk need to conserve our energy for the big party tomorrow evening.

I'm talking about the 2nd. annual 4th. of July Block Party. Our neighbors sponsor it by getting permission from the city to close off the street for a day, supplying a meat dish, tables & chairs, small fair type rides for the kids, and a great fire work show. Last year they had a professional caterer supply a pig roast. Was it great. This year it will be burgers & dogs. All this for a fee of only $5.00! Such a deal. All attending are asked to bring a dish to pass.

The weather is great today, sunny in the mid 70's. I hope tomorrow is this nice. I will post pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday, We arrive Home!

When I left Illinois this morning with over 550 miles to drive to get home, I didn't think I would make it in one day. But with the help of a "Power nap" we made it. Arrived home around 9PM.

And of course going through Detroit via I-94 we had the pleasure of being reminded how the Detroiters' drive!

We are happy to be home, we had a wonderful trip, and Wilma and I hope you enjoyed our first Blog.

Keep checking in for future adventurers, as we plan on taking some of the Grandkids camping in July.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday, Travel Home

We left Branson around 10:30am. Drove a little over 300 miles today to get into the state of Illinois. Stopped at the welcome center and they recommended this campground to stop for the night.

Very nice campground, sites are limestoned and level. No pool or game room. I believe the owners are just starting out. I think they are on the right track as they are within a half mile of the interstate.

As you can see the rates are great for full hook ups.

The sunset was added for no extra charge!

This is the our site for the night. A very quiet campground. Great for a stop over night.

Wilma wanted to try to get a 3D picture. I think it would have been better without me in it.

We had a great night sleep, left around 10am after breakfast.

Heading for home....

Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday’s Travels

Table Rock Lake & Table Rock Dam.

Steps leading from the parking area to view of Table Rock Lake.

As Dick Snider was born and raised in Branson, he was our driver today showing us all the sights.

Thank You Dick for a job well done!

Table Rock Lake is left of the Dam, to the right of the Dam is the start of Lake Taneycomo. Great Rainbow Trout fishing!

Lake Taneycomo with the Fish Hatchery in the background.

View of the Fish Hatchery where the Rainbow Trout are raised.

Everyone told us of the unbelievable restrooms in Shoji Tabuchi show place. So here we are getting ready to photo the johns!

First to the Gents room. Real leaded glass entry doors. No expense spared.

As soon as you enter through those doors to your left is the Pool Table Room along with spectator seats.

Then looking to your right you enter "The Room"

Many comments are made at this point. Why the ice in each urinal? I kidded with Dick telling him its to conserve water, looking at me kinda funny I said are not allowed to use the urinals unless you are able to melt ALL the ice per use!

Wash the rear of the room....a fireplace.

Didn't feel right photographing any more as some of the other accommodations were in use.

Wilma takes over here....on to the Ladies room.

Baby changing station along with the start of the stalls. Couldn't get all the stalls in this picture.

Wash basins on the right side of the room, fireplace at the rear....

And to the left of the room a sitting area.

After our tour of the City and the Rest Rooms we headed back to the MH where Dick and I looked over the Forrestal Cruise Books I had brought to reminense. Many many memories were shared.

We then went out to "Shorty Small's Restaurant" for dinner. After dinner Dick brought us back to the MH for our good by's. We had a great time with them and we will miss them much. Hopefully we all will get together again. And hopefully it won't be 35 years from now!

Tomorrow morning we will be leaving Branson, MO. We had a wonderful time with great friends. We don't know where we will be stopping for the night tomorrow, but hopfully the campground will have Wi-Fi so we can update you on our travels home.

Good Night, God Bless, and we will see you again.

Thursday Evening

At the Hawaiian Luau Dinner Show at the RV Park.

The O'l Salts after 35 Years. Happiness shared by all of us.

We just couldn't believe we were together again!

Left to Right;

Tommy Puckett, Dick Snyder, Connie Puckett, Connie Snyder, Wilma Hagedorn, Fred Hagedorn

David Lomond and his wife. He is singing an Elvis Hawaiian song.

Just had to get our picture with the star of the show.

After the show, off to play a round of Putt-Putt Golf at Pirate Land Golf.

Guys...I believe the women are beating us!

All aboard Mates! Don't hit the wrong hole or the ball goes in the lake around this boat that had a 3 par hole to get.

This course was on the side of the mountain! Pretty demanding and challenging.

This pretty woman will beat you at this game!

Dang...another miss.

Tommy & Connie will be leaving first thing in the morning. We will miss them. It's been a great week with them.

Dick & Connie will be going to breakfast with us tomorrow morning.

See you all tomorrow. Good night & God Bless.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thursday, The Meeting

Dick Snyder called us at 6:30am this morning said he and Connie would be here in an hour.

We were ready to meet him again, since I haven't seen him since 1972.

Here we are telling our Sea Stories. It's amazing how we each can remember the things that happened 35 years ago.

Enjoying our lunch outside the MH.

Dick Snyder & Connie. Dick made a career in the Navy serving 25 years. His daughter is also in the Navy now serving in Iraq. Also a career service person. Should be able to retire in a few years.

Later we are all going to our Hawaiian Luau Dinner Show here at the RV Resort. That will be fun as we told Dick everyone must hula dance to be fed. You should have seen his face!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday, Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO.

Arrived at Silver Dollar City around 10am. Don't know who any of these people are but the gal behind the ticket sign is telling me where to go!

A great thought when you look at what we might think as worn out junk.

They respected nature when this park was created, they actually built this building around the tree. Many of these were noticed throughout the park.

It probably doesn't look like it but all the walkways are either going up, down, or on an angle.

Not a level road or walkway could be found!

One of the shows we watched was a group of Cloggers. These kids were from 8 to 18 years old! Great show, very talented.

Got rained on, had to buy parkas. Looked like a long rain ahead so we decided to have lunch.

By the time we were done with lunch the rain quit. This wagon was actually in the open air building where we had lunch.

Tommy & Connie also enjoyed their lunch.

We heard the train from a distance and tracked it down. Get it? Oh Oh....too many jokes have been heard this week.

Steam locomotive, we had a great train ride. Also included was a free train hold up!

Noticed this sign and thought we might be in luck for a desert! was only open to kids. The winner actually ate the banana split in a little over a minute. How can that be possible??!!

Wilma got directions to the Big Swing from the Sheriff.

I dared Tommy and he took me up on it. Dang I didn't think he would! We were both scared even before it started.

I guess my face says it all.


After leaving Silver Dollar City, asked SS to take us to a grocery store for supplies for tomorrow. She got us there ok, just a mile off!

Have a great night.....check in tomorrow evening. Dick and Connie Snyder are expected to arrive in the morning for a day of reminiscing.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday in Branson

Tuesday morning after having breakfast at the Resort Cafeteria we all decided to do our own thing. The girls decided they wanted to go swimming in the pool. Us guys wanted to do more manly things, like taking a trip to the lake, checking out the fish hatchery, the power dam, and Tommy's new boat!!!!

So off to the Lake we go! This lake is called Table Rock Lake, which was created when the need for more electrical power in the are was needed and a hydro electric dam was made.

Great lake for recreation boating, fishing or whatever.

Even a place to keep Tommy's boat! What! Yea Right! But we all have dreams. And the one he is pointing to is a small boat compared to the rest of them at the marina.

Then off to the Fish Hatchery. Thank God we had SS with us or we would have gotten lost for sure and the girls would have laughed at us again! I have to say though SS did goof up one time trying to make us turn left on to a closed road that was under construction.

The fish hatchery with the Hydro Electric Dam in the background.

Close up of the Rainbow Trout that they raise here.

Wilma arriving back at the MH from swimming while Tommy & I had a brew to consume. Temp. today 92 with high humidity. What a perfect summer day. A little warm for me but no complaints.

Tonight's dinner: Tommy & Connie will join us for Pork Chops and Sour Kraut with potatoes. Mmm...Mmmmm...Gooood!