Saturday, July 28, 2007

Garage Sale....Last Day!

Making one last check for any "good junk" keepers.

Nope didn't find anything.....SELL IT ALL!

Wilma is arranging the best possible positions for the "stuff" to sell.

There is lots of "Stuff" here to sell....

Can she do it????

Bring on the costumers, she is ready to "make the deal" of a lifetime.

Actually she is counting the minutes when she can close the Sale...she is pretty pooped out.

Garage Sales are a lot of work.

As I attended a picnic sponsored by the Lodge, Wilma made the deals. When I arrived home at 4:30pm the sale was over. She assured me she did great today. I'm glad for her it wasn't a wasted day.

Now we let the Girls pick out what they may want and we box the rest up for charity. From the looks of the Garage I'm going to be making a few....well, more than a few trips to the charity drop off.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Garage Sale Day 1

After weeks of hard work collecting our "valuable" possessions for sale....the BIG day has finally arrived!

It's Garage Sale Day!!!

YEA....Lots of sales....Lots of $$$$$.

By 4pm Wilma had sold MUCHO Stuff, but from here it looks like she has mucho more to sell in the next 2 days.

Just keeping a close eye on the customers.

Nothing gets past "my hon"!

As this was a 3 family sale....keeping track of everyone's sales is important. And she is doing one fine job!

I'm so proud of her!

Keep up the good work girl....see ya tomorrow for another update.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Hagedorn Family Reunion

A Perfect Day For A Reunion

Brooke Dobbs (Our Granddaughter) had to show Na-Na the Crayfish she caught.

I believe the kids enjoy this activity the most. 

Even Angel, our daughter got into fun of catching Crayfish. 

My brother Ken and his wife Margie arrive. Ken may be 4 years younger than I am, but his height makes him the tallest and all family members look up to him. 

My hon setting the places at the table. 

Tina, our daughter, arrives. 

Here is two of the seven beautiful "girls" in my life.
Aren't I a lucky Guy??!!! 

Come here and give Dad a hug too, Toots. 

I believe it was our 129th reunion. 

Ken, (my brother)...Judy, (my sister)...Dad and Margie (Kens wife).

Dakota talking to his Great Grandpa! All the pictures in the background are of previous reunions. You see only a small portion, going way back in history.
Tina was amazed when I showed her a picture of my fathers' mother, my Grandmother, Lena Boyd. 

Ooops...we are missing Haley and Dakota. 

Here he is playing with his Nintendo Lite, letting his dinner settle before the games begin.

I remember as a young boy, after dinner, the "old crowd" would get on their lawn chairs and gather under a shade tree.
Look at this....It's my brother, his wife and my daughter! Does that mean I'm one of the "Old Crowd" ??!?!! Ohhh Nooooo! 

Our youngest grand daughter Savannah sneaking up to Ol' Pa.
Of course you guessed it....I'm under the shade tree on a lawn chair. 

Booo Pa....I'm giving you my best "Scary Face"
Of course the little laugh she includes with it is what makes this picture so precious. 

Angel was in charge of creating a game for the 4 & 5 year olds.
It consisted of carrying an egg on a spoon to a mark in the lawn and back as fast as you can.
No losers here...everyone got a prize. Way to go Angel! 

Of course Dad had to get a hug from Angel too.
I just love my hugs from all my girls. 

Dakota and Brooke's game was to toss the water balloon back and forth. 

They came in first place.
(Dakota celebrating his victory with Brooke)
But losers.....all the kids were given prizes. 

Even Haley, our teenager granddaughter enjoyed the shade. Of course she had some "tunes" playing in her ears. She is going in High School this year....Oh My God....I am getting old!

Brooke enjoying her winnings.


Savannah enjoying her winnings from her game. 

Dakota enjoying his winnings. 

And the best picture of them all...My Hon.
Don't you just get a smile on your face looking at her here?
Together we have created a beautiful, loving family. Yes...we are a proud Na-Na and Pa.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Brakes are repaired!

Let the Fun? begin!

The tire is removed, getting ready to remove the Caliper, which we found to be faulty and needing replacement.

My BEST BUD, Gary Smith!   We have known each other since 5th grade. Yep...that's going way back. Without his expertise I wouldn't know where to start.

Thank you my bud for being there for me.

I owe you big time!

After replacing the caliper and the pads on the driver side, we moved over to the passenger side to replace the pads. The coach shows 38,000 some miles and the pads weren't even half worn. The decision to replace them anyway was a wise one and will never be regretted.

The brake pads.

Sorry....didn't think to take a picture of the caliper.

Along with being serious when needed, Gary is really a funny guy. He suggested we take the tires off with a "chain saw"!

Yikes..... gotta chuckle out of that one!

After a job well done.....some refreshment is well deserved!

After a trial run to test the brakes.....we are now parked for the night next to his pole barn. It's so beautiful and quiet at night at his home in the country.

Gary brings some firewood for a campfire. We will enjoy each others company and friendship for many hours around the fire.

Preparing the campfire.

He has many, many years of experience at this and in 2 minutes we had a fire. What a guy!

Cheryl, Gary's wife came out to join us around the fire. Gary and I lasted until 2am before we called it a night and "hit the hay". The sky was just filled with stars, no moon, and for a bonus...4 meteors were watched going across the sky. So quiet and peaceful. When I went to bed I believe I was sleeping a minute after my head hit the pillow.

This was a great way to end a great day! Only one thing was hon....I missed her, but she had some work back at the house to get done and felt it was necessary to get it done.

A panoramic view of their garden.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Major Repair of Motorhome

Tomorrow morning I will be taking the RV to my best buddy's home. With his expertise we will attempt to repair the front left brake. I have a caliper hanging up and causing the brake to drag. When I returned home from taking the two Grand Kids camping last week I noticed you could hardly touch the hub cap it was so hot!

Hopefully he won't get too upset if I take a few pictures of us working on the MH.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Rebecca & Brooke’s Camping Trip Day 1

Arrive at Outdoor Adventurers Lakeshore Resort on Thursday, July 5th.

Heard "Are we there yet" only twice....Not bad considering all the excitement.

First on the kids agenda.....the outdoor pool!

NaNa's agenda called for making jello molds....

Pa's the fish bait....oops I mean dinner. Fried pork chops. Mmmmm Gooood!

During our dinner the Security came around announcing that we were under a severe storm warning.....

Great....a time to catch a rain drop on your tongue.

The storm went around us. Just a few sprinkles. Time for more fun!

Look everyone! A free ride on a trolley!

It's Molly the Trolley!

A ride around the Resort, great fun.

Taken from the eastern edge of the Lake, our campsite is on the left, the under-development (350 more sites) on the right, the North side of the Lake.

Yep.....this is fun.....really!

After the trolley ice cream cone. Mmm, Mmm, Good.

Instruction time.........hook and bait on a new fishing pole.

PA!...PA!....I GOT ONE!.... HURRY!

Brooke's first fish of many.

Can we keep it Pa?

Sorry Brooke, no we have to let him go.

Rebecca showing us she can catch those fish also.

This is where the fish are.

Even a baby turtle wants a piece of that "Pork Chop" that Brooke's fish already has.

The day ends with a beautiful sunset on the lake.

Getting ready for a campfire.

The kids were in bed at 10pm. Sleeping by 10:05pm! What a great day!