Saturday, January 5, 2008

I’m impressed!

Wow...I have received a comment from someone who doesn't respond in English. As I don't know any other language, it looks like it might be Spanish. And as I don't know what the person said I really can't allow it to be published for all to read.

Hopefully "CresceNet" won't be too upset with me. And I'm hoping this person can write in English and responds again.

I think it's neat that someone would take the time to respond to a blog entry of mine. The power of the internet! It's amazing.

On to other items.

Wilma talked to her brother Eddie this evening. He is still pretty upset on the death of his step daughter, and rightly so. He is going back to work tomorrow. Hopefully this will help him. Our prayers still go out to the family of Brandy.

The flu bug that I've been battling the last 2 months is starting to leave me. Thank God! Did it ever do a number on me. I almost forgot how good it feels to feel almost normal. Now we have to keep an eye on Wilma. She still has this cough every once in a while. A dry type of cough. She has had this for at least 3 months now. Have to say one thing though, what ever the Dr. gave her for the flu she had seemed to attack the cough also. Maybe it will also go away in the near future.

Not much else going on. Stop by again.

Until safe and God Bless.

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