Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Under the Weather

I was supposed to go for a sleep test this Thursday evening. Wouldn't you know it, Monday evening I started feeling like I'm getting another cold. Well today, even after taking cold pills every 4 hours all day, there is no doubt about it. I have another cold! Dang it anyway! I called the Sleep Clinic this evening and left a message that I will have to reschedule. After all, if I can't get a good sound sleep how will they know if something is wrong or not.

Wilma went to the Dr's today about the cough she has had for awhile now. He thinks it could be the side effect of one of her medications. He changed it but told her it would take a couple days for it to get out of her system. I'm really hoping he is right. The coughing spells are pretty bad.

I've been looking for the past two weeks on the web for the most recommended DSLR camera's. I've narrowed it down to either a Nikon or Canon. What a hard decision....you know the saying, "information overload". Well I have got it. But I have to say I'm much better informed now.

Been looking all over at prices and packages. Called Scott, my brother-in-law today. He is CEO of Scott Green Photography. Who best to ask? I realize there is a huge difference in professional and novice camera's but he related to what I had in mind. He did some checking from his suppliers. Called me back with a package he thought was pretty good. Pretty good! WOW! Amazing! SOLD! is what I remember saying to him. I should have it by the middle of next week. I can hardly wait. I believe you will be able to see for yourself the quality of pictures on this Blog in the future. At least you better be able to see a difference!

One of the 5 phone calls I received this evening concerning Lodge was from Wayne. It seems as though he came down with Bronchitis and won't be able to come over tomorrow evening for more training. It's for the best because I'm not feeling that great either. Wayne is going to take over the Secretaries job at the Lodge. After 11 years I think I've had enough. I can hardly wait for him to take it over. Of course that means that I'm going to have to buy another computer, as this one belongs to the Lodge and Wayne will be taking it over to his home. You know what that means....Vista for me.....ooooohhhhh nnnnooooo! scary.

Well enough rattling on. Be good, be safe and God Bless!

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