Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Computer

I have the new computer waiting to be installed, still in their boxes, in the spare bedroom.

As I am giving up the Lodge Secretary job, I will also be giving up their computer. Wayne, the new Secretary, has been getting instructions from me and doesn't feel he is quite ready to take the Lodges computer home. This is why my "New" computer is waiting to be installed. But by Thursday I am disconnecting the Lodges computer and connecting my new computer.

This is going to be a scary experience. Why you ask? Because all the other computers we have use Windows XP. The new computer will have Windows Vista.

So we, meaning Wilma and I are keeping our fingers crossed that the internet hook up will go fine and neither her nor myself will loose connection or our email configurations.

Then on Saturday AT&T is coming to install their "U-verse" system. We will be getting a new Wi-Fi router along with up to 4 TV tuners, one of which will have a DVR. So I will finally get a DVR! Can't wait. Along with getting cable for our bedroom & the basement TV's.

So as you see, this next week is going to be extra busy around here. Hopefully everything will go as planned with no hitches. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I don't plan on writing again until after this coming up Saturday, the 23rd. Maybe I'll have a few pictures taken with the new Nikon camera also.

Like I say: It's feeling like Christmas in February with all that is going on around here.

Come back again, God bless and be safe.

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