Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another Day at Epcot

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Today everyone did their own thing. The kids originally were planning on going to Animal Kingdom. Don’t know if they all made it or not. Wilma and I went back to Epcot for about 6 hours.

We had a delicious lunch at China. Another great meal! After the 6 hour mark we had seen enough and left to go back to the RV. Angel wanted to have dinner with us at the Trails End. They, Angel, Brooke & Rebecca showed up around 5:15 and we were seated at 5:30. We all had a delicious buffet meal together. Tina was at her motel resort with her kids. They decided that they all couldn’t get together for a set time for dinner, so we told her we would see them tomorrow prior to them leaving for the airport.

It was another beautiful day with temperatures in the mid 70’s and full sun. Just great! Tomorrow they are calling for the temperatures to hit the mid 80’s. Which Wilma and I agreed might be too hot for the kids and they could have gotten a bad sunburn if it was that hot all week.

It has been a vacation of a lifetime! Wilma and I will never forget it, and I hope the daughters and grandkids won’t ever forget it either. I’m so blessed that I could do this for my family at this time in my life.

Another great Adventure in our lives!

Tomorrow we leave sunny Florida and start our journey back home. We are planning on arriving late Saturday or Sunday morning. Then back to work Monday morning. Blaaaa.

Again, be safe and God Bless.

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