Monday, March 17, 2008

A Day At The Beach

Wow did we ever find a great beach. Of all the beaches we have been to, this one is rated #1. It's Howard's Beach here in Dunedin, Fl. It's a county run beach, no charge to enter and from the pictures you might agree it's pretty nice.

Palm trees, white sand, very little wind, temperature in the 80's. PERFECT! We stayed there from 11am until around 1:30pm. In just an hour I was already feeling the heat of a sunburn. so the rest of the time I stayed in the shade of a Palm Tree.

I know I took allot of pictures of the "Security force" ( the sea gulls), but they really let you know they are the boss and your visiting their beach. They were quite humorous at times. Don't dare each a lunch on "their" beach or they will fight you for your sandwich!

From the beach we headed back to the RV Park. Came upon a restaurant called the "Red fish Blue fish". Kind of like a combination inside/outside bar & grill. I'll bet the night life is great here!

It's now 4:30pm and we are at the RV Resort's Pool. Well, we are sitting in the SHADE. It's at least 84 outside now and I don't need anymore sun today! Brought the computer to the lounge and have much better connection to the internet. Back at the MH we keep getting disconnected for some reason. Probably just a little too far from their antenna.

Got to go now, check back again.

Be safe and God Bless

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