Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Downtown Dunedin, FL.

Today we planned on going to check out the town of Dunedin, Fl. A really nice town close to the water. Plenty of shops to see, arts & crafts etc. Lots of places to eat, all privately owned and very unique.

We parked in the downtown area and stopped at the Chamber of Commerce to get information on what to see. Just a few blocks to the East was the Marina. That's were we headed first. All types of Charter boats docked waiting for customers to take them fishing. Very nice private yachts too.

We stopped at this Fish Market where we ordered some fresh shrimp. We will be picking them up on Friday. Wilma couldn't take the smell of fresh fish and had to go outside while I put my order in.

From the Marina we headed for a restaurant to get lunch. Wow did we have a large selection of different types of restaurants. Didn't see one chain restaurant, all family owned and unique.

We decided to try this restaurant out. We were very happy we did as the meal was great! When you entered the restaurant it was very narrow and deep. With an outside patio at the very rear.

We were seated at the last table in the restaurant looking out at the patio area which also held a full size bar. I have to say we have not had a bad meal since arriving in Florida!

Following lunch we came back to the RV where we both took a little snooze. How can one resist with temperatures around 80 and no humidity, sunny skies with a calming breeze...Wilma caught proof of this below.

Come back tomorrow for more adventures! We are planning on going over to "Honeymoon Beach" and look for shells and sand dollars. Plenty of sun screen will be applied!

Until then, be safe and God Bless.

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