Thursday, March 13, 2008

Florida Day 2

Thursday March 13, '08

The day started off great. The birds woke me up around 7am. Still warm enough to leave a window open all night. Left the Kentucky Horse Park Campground around 9am. Drove an hour to the Crackle Barrel for breakfast. After breakfast we headed for the gas station for a fill up. Had to start the pump 3 times! It would pump only a maximum of $100.00 at a time. Doesn't take long with the price around $3.19 a gallon to hit the max. Total for the fill up $225.00.
On we go through Kentucky, then Tennessee and into Georgia. First KOA in Georgia we came to we decided to stay the night. Cost for the KOA $34.00. with free wi-fi. We found our site, and while Wilma prepared our supper, I tried to connect to the wi-fi. Nope, its a no go! Went to the office to ask about it. The counter lady informed me it has been down a couple days and she can't get it to work. Dang it! Back to the MH to get a bite to eat and give Wilma the bad news. As we were eating I really got anoid with the noise from I-75 as we were only about 500 feet from the traffic. ENOUGH! I want to leave. Went to inform the office and was informed they do not give refunds. I informed her she had to because of the excess noise, no wi-fi and that I had put it on Charge. She held her ground. I informed her I was leaving and would notify the charge card company. Which I did and they took it off my charge. GOOD, I hope they inform this KOA of the rules.
On the brighter side, next door to this KOA is a wine tasting place. Mmmm. Just had to check it out. Yep sure enough, I have now in my possession 2 bottles of Georgia Wine and some Georgia Cheese that Wilma and I picked out.

Back at the MH I looked in the camping book for listings of campgrounds down the road. Found one, 50 miles south, with wi-fi and takes my Good Sam discount card. Great! Off we went.
This is where we are now. Allatoona Landing Marine Resort in Cartersville, GA. What a great place! Perfect campsites with plenty of room, on a lake and marina. Wilma and I will be getting some pictures in the morning as its 8:00pm and dark now. Free wi-fi.....well yes they have it but it's slower than dial up.
We are planning on driving into Florida tomorrow. Hopefully we will find a campground with a decent wi-fi!
Until safe and God Bless.
Oh yea....temperature at 8pm....74 degrees. Is it ever great!

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