Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Florida Trip Day 1

March 12 ‘08

We were ready to leave at 12:45. Got in the MH turned the key, nothing. No click of starter, nothing. Just as if I didn’t have a battery. OH NO! was what we both said together almost as if it was planned. I checked the knife switch on the battery and it was made. Got back in the drivers seat, turned the key another time, nothing. Turned it again and it started. Do I have a bad connection in the steering column? Maybe a bad relay somewhere? Don’t know.

Put it in reverse, pushed on the gas. We were stuck! NOW THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED! So I proceeded to rock the MH and finally after a few minutes it moved. As I backed out of the yard you could see the ruts where the tires were. Pulled the MH onto the street, hooked up the car, and away we went. It was now a little after 1pm, temperature a cool 38 degrees.

We both had on our minds the problem with starting the engine. I have to admit this is troubling. But I assured Wilma that all will be alright to relieve some of her tension.

The roads weren’t as bad as I was expecting in Michigan, but when we drove through Cincinnati, Ohio, wow were they bad! And perfect timing for rush hour. Took over 2 hours to get through the city. Kentucky on the other hand had a smooth road to Lexington where we stayed the night. We are at the Kentucky Horse Park Campground.

It’s 7pm and 59 degrees. I had to take a couple shots of Wilma showing how we love this warm temperature. Well at least its warmer than what we are used to.

Wilma then got us dinner, watched a little TV in bed and went to sleep around 10pm.

I uploaded our pictures on Thursday.

Stay safe and God bless.

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