Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Honeymoon Island State Recreation Park

We decided last night that by applying sunscreen we could withstand the sun at Honeymoon Island Beach today. So this morning we did just that.

It was so windy today that I had to put up the awning prior to going to the beach. Wind gusts of around 40 miles per hour. With the awning rolled up, we headed for the beach. But had to make a detour to the Dollar store so Wilma could look for some "good deals". Finding some deals, we left and headed for the Beach.

After paying a $5.00 entry fee, the attendant warned us of the high winds and that the ferry boat ride to another island was not running. We went ahead anyway on our adventure to a new beach.


We walked up and down the beach looking for shells, found some interesting coral that we will keep as a gift from Florida.

Afterward we stopped here for a basket of shrimp with fries and hushpuppies. Mmmmm Good!

Back at the RV now and in a little while will be going to the pool to take a refreshing dip. Temperature now at 5pm is a great 80 degrees! I just love it! I notice on the web that back home it's 37 degrees and raining.

Till safe and God Bless

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