Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Kids arrive at Disney.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

We had gotten a phone call from Angel around 4am telling us how neat the limo was that picked them up to take them all to the airport. They are really excited going to the airport to fly to Florida.

We got up this morning to cloudy skies and 68 degrees. Finished getting the MH ready for travel. We pulled out of Dunedin RV Resort around 8am. Headed for Lake Buena Vista, Fl. The place where ol Mickey Mouse lives.

On the way to Fort Wilderness, we passed several small rain showers. We both said we hope it won’t be raining at Disney World when the family arrives from their flight. It turned out to be a sunny day when we arrived, temperatures around 73 degrees. The family arrived at their hotel about the same time as we arrived in the RV Resort. We unhooked the car and drove over to see them. They are about 8 miles from us.

We all had gone to the restaurant area of their hotel and had lunch. Afterwards all the grandkids went swimming in the outdoor pool. They really thought it was wonderful that they left home this morning with snow on the ground and this afternoon they are swimming outside!

After a couple hours of watching them swim, their moms called them out of the pool. Don’t want to have a sunburn the first day. We left and headed back to the RV.

Around 5pm we, Wilma & I went to dinner at a restaurant here at the RV Resort. Open buffet, great food, we of course stuffed ourselves.

We caught a shuttle bus back to our RV site and I worked on the hot water tank. Early this morning it backfired and shook both of us up a little. So it seems that I have it fixed for now. If not we will have to use the Resorts showers which are only a couple hundred feet from our site.

Tomorrow we are planning on going to Magic Kingdom.

Be safe and God Bless.

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