Monday, March 10, 2008

Water & Heat in Coach!

Put the water in the fresh water tank, filled it to the half way point. Went inside, checked to make sure all faucets were closed. Turned on the pump, waited for the hot water tank to fill, purged all air out of the water lines, and waited for the pump to shut off. It did as I figured it would. Now we listened for a few minutes to see if the pump would cycle on and off. If it would then there was a leak somewhere that needed to be found. Keeping my fingers crossed the pump didn't cycle. YEA! GREAT! No water leaks.

Now as the weather is going down into the 20's at night, I needed to turn on the gas and the furnace. Set the thermostat at 55. It fired and cycled. Another YEA! We have heat to keep the water lines from freezing.

Next I wanted to start the engine. Held my breath, turned the key, and after a couple rotations it fired and was running. Another YEA! So I left it on until it got up to operating temperature before shutting the engine off.

As it was running I proceeded to wash the windshield. Just looking at it, it didn't look that dirty. But when I started I was amazed at how dirty it really was. With the windshield clean I am almost ready except for loading my clothes, meds, things like that.

Wilma completed the loading of the kitchen supplies. The bedroom is done with the new bed sheets, bathroom is stocked. Getting closer to leaving for Florida.

Saw Angel, my daughter today. Gave her an large envelope with the complete schedule that she will have to follow. Her being the eldest, she is in charge of the flight E-tickets and paying the shuttle service. Shouldn't be any problem. I'm pretty sure, well almost positive, well, maybe for sure, I have it all together for a stress free travel to Florida. Only time will tell.

Got to go work on Wilma's computer. I'm afraid I installed an anti-spy ware program that may have been too much for her computer. Dang it!

Come back again, take care and God Bless.

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