Tuesday, April 22, 2008

After a hard day.

Tina's family has completed the move to our home until her Mobil home is relocated, about 4 weeks.

Our first full day (Monday), Wilma and I did the "kid" sitting as Tina had to work in the evening.

It was fun but we both realize now why "Grandparents" don't have small children.

Wow were we pooped by the end of the day, as you can see by the picture above.

But we both can say for sure we love them all! Wouldn't trade them for the world! Even the little PUG dog, Kybee. They all gave me a few chuckles...what a riot!

Tina called the moving company today, (Tuesday) and they told her they would probably start to move her mobile home this Thursday.

More adventurers in our lives!

Come back again soon, until then God Bless and be safe.

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