Saturday, April 26, 2008

A New Mobil Home Park

Today Wilma and I went to see where Tina's Mobil Home is located at the new park. Just about a couple blocks away from her sisters place and probably only 3 miles from our home.

When we arrived there I got out of the car to do my "sidewalk inspection". I noticed 2 windows were still open that were forgotten when Tina moved out. So off we went back home to get the step ladder, as there is no steps or porch installed yet at the trailer. Arriving back at the trailer with the step ladder, I was able to unlock the door and enter the trailer. Closed the windows and left.

This park is going to be so much better for Tina and her kids. A much better maintained park and she is on a col-de-sac. So that will eliminate allot of traffic.

The workers have to re-attach the sewer pluming, electrical, natural gas, and water yet. The also have to install new skirting and a new porch. I'm guessing at least a week's worth of work yet.

I also noticed that the walkway from the drive to the porch area has been removed. My guess is that they do that because of the alignment to the new porch, as no two mobile homes are exactly alike.

Took Wilma out to dinner tonight. Went to our favorite Chinese restaurant. Mmm good! We both had a great dinner and conversation. We both also needed some "alone" time.

Changing subjects...

Have we had great weather the last few days. All the trees are in full bloom. Wilma could have told us all that without looking outside as her allergies are really acting up. Dakota's eyes are also bothering him allot with bouts of itching. As the season passes so will these symptoms hopefully.

Not much else going on. So check back again for more "adventures" in our lives.

Until then be safe and God Bless.

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