Monday, April 7, 2008

Rebecca’s 8th. Birthday

What a party for our little granddaughter Rebecca!

They all arrived around 6:30, and Rebecca couldn't wait to open her gifts. She even brought along a friend by the name of Savannah to share with her excitement.

So we had quite a house full. Tina, and her friend Woody, Haley, Dakota, Rebecca, Savannah, Brooke, Wilma and I and Rebecca's friend Savannah.

After the opening of gifts we all headed for the kitchen for a dish of cake and ice cream. But not before we all sang our Happy Birthday song to Rebecca. She made her wish and blew hard to get all the candles out. Way to go Rebecca!

We had a great idea to let the kids eat their cake and ice cream outside as it was around 70. This way the adults could sit around the table and chat while we ate our cake and ice cream.

I'm really proud of Wilma. She made the cake today, applied the frosting and never once took a sample! She rewarded herself with a bowl of strawberries and sugar free Angel food cake. She really enjoyed that! That's my woman that I love so much!

Another great day and wonderful memories for us all.

Come back soon for more of our Adventurers.

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