Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trailer site cleaned up.

Tina made mention this evening that she had to have the "old lot" where her mobile home was all cleaned up by May 1st or she won't get her deposit returned. This was around 4:30pm.

I told her lets go, we have at least a couple evenings to take down the metal storage shed, the fiberglass steps, and pick up all the patio blocks, even the broken ones.

I had planned on taking my "saws all" and cutting the metal shed into pieces that the trash man can pick up easily. But that didn't seem to work, so I got out the "screw gun" and started removing the bazillion screws.

Got the screws holding the roof on all out. I was just stepping back to think what my next plan of attack would be when the neighbors from both sides came out and asked me if I could use a hand. Wow! Great! Yes I sure could.

They both helped me remove the roof, fold it in half and carry it to the street for the trash man. Next we attacked the walls. My plan was to unscrew a section at a time. But the neighbor said he had done this before and why not just push it over, flatten it out, fold it in half and be done with it. Sounded great to me, so that's what we did! Within a half hour the shed was laying in manageable pieces at the curb. The steps were cut up and out at the curb. And Tina, who was also helping made a run to the party store for some liquid refreshments. Kind of as a great big "thank you" for the help from the neighbors. And I have to say it hit the spot.

We stood around talking and enjoying our liquid refreshment before I thanked each of them with a hand shake and smile.

I have to believe it was God himself that sent these two guys to my aid.

Back home Wilma fixed us all (Tina, the 4 grand kids, myself and her) a fantastic baked pork chop dinner. Mmm Good!

Needless to say the pork chops didn't stand a chance with all those hungry mouths to feed.

Sorry I didn't think to take the camera and take a few shots of the before and after. My concern was getting the job done. Guess I'm going to have to slow down a little.

Yet another great "Adventure" in our lives.

Sooo, take care and God Bless.

Come back again.

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