Thursday, May 22, 2008

Concrete is poured.

Angel came over to the house today around 4pm saying Tina's Concrete is done! Wow....yesterday there weren't any forms down and today it's done along with a few other Mobil Homes. I guess if you have a large enough crew allot of concrete can be put down in a short time.

Tina had to go over with the kids and take a look before supper. When she returned I asked her if it looked ok. Her answer: "It looks great, there is so much more than what I had at the other Mobil Home park". She said that she even let each of the kids put there hand print in it. Of course it was at the back corner so she won't get into any trouble.


So that means Sunday it can be walked on. I'm guessing this holiday weekend we will be busy taking some of her things back to her place from my garage. There is still some minor repairs that needs my attention.

Her carpet is scheduled to be installed on Tuesday. She can hardly wait, she is so excited. With her painting all the rooms, new carpet, and now in a new Park, she said it will be like moving in a brand new Mobil Home.

Tina has tomorrow off from work, and so do I! So I'm going to tag along with her to Belle Tire. They are having a 4 day super sale and she is in need of 4 new tires on her car. I'm only going to answer any questions she may have, letting her make the choice of which brand of tire to purchase. I believe this will be the best way for her to get experience.

After that we will probably swing past her home so I can take a few pictures. Tomorrow hopefully I'll post them.

Until then, be safe and God Bless.

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