Sunday, May 11, 2008

Damage to Tina’s Mobil Home!

Tina was told a week ago by the Manager of the new Mobil Home park that he was going to "make some phone calls" when she pointed out the damage that was done from the moving company.

As you can see from the picture that there is more damage than we are capable of repairing.

Tina and I both agree that there needs to be a meeting scheduled with the manager to find out what is going on. She had been contacted by the "Inspector" and told that her home passed the Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical inspection. So my question to her was how can he approve the Mechanical if the Hurricane tie downs are not anchored and damage was done to the front of the Home? Some of my concerns are the damage that was done on the window frame on the front of the Mobil Home, the Hurricane tie downs that are not fastened or anchored, the cement pads and walkway, the wooden deck, and the skirting installation. The manager even told her it was ok now to move in if she wishes. And that's with a "temporary step" set up by the door!

I start to get concerned when I, or we don't get updated on what the outcome of his phone calls were.

Anyway, yesterday she had the kids over there painting. I helped by patching the holes in the walls caused by several things like door knobs. Tomorrow evening I'll go back to put the finishing touches on the patches so they can be painted.

I also had a contractor come out to give me a bid on the replacement/repair of the underbelly insulation. After talking with him for 2 minutes I knew he was not the one I would hire. Just too many negative remarks, plus his first bid was $3500.00! Then when I balked it dropped to $2700.00, then to $1700.00!

Now you got to realize, there is only 3 areas that are damaged. Each area is about 6 foot square. How much can this insulation cost?!?!! I will find out tomorrow when I make a phone call to the supplier. I guess I'll have to hire a couple young men myself to do the labor for me.

Yea,...I know....your thinking now, Why doesn't he do it himself if he has the material? The answer: Because I'm feeling my age of 58! The ol knees are starting to give me some serious trouble. But if I can't find a couple guys I won't have no choice but to do it myself. I can do it if need be.

Today we took both daughters and the 5 grandkids out to Brunch. Gifts were exchanged and we had a pretty good time. Of course I had to get in the first complaint about the help at the restaurant to Wilma. Not 5 minutes later Tina had to express herself about some of the food. I guess like father like daughter! But we both got over it and enjoyed the meal and time together.

Angel was in the booth next to ours so I wasn't aware if she had a complaint. She is much more timid and can tolerate more than her sister or Dad. I guess she gets that from her Mom. Not a bad trait either, wish I had more of that tolerant attitude.

After Wilma and I left the kids and the Restaurant we headed to my folks home. Had a pretty bouquet of fresh cut flowers for Mom. She really enjoyed them and the cards that she received. They are doing ok, Mom lost her balance one night last week and fell in the bathroom hitting her face on the tub. Got a bad bruise to the right of and under her nose. She seems ok now. Dad now has what I believe is a urinary tract infection. He is running a low grade temperature and will be going to the Dr.'s tomorrow. Hopefully he will get some antibiotics to cure him of this ailment.

We left Mom Dads and headed for Walmart to check out the flowers. To me they seemed pretty pricey, so Wilma picked out some nice Geraniums. We left Walmart and headed for Weigands Nursery. Very nice nursery and most of the flowers are under a glass roof. Which is just what everyone was thankful for as it was raining most of the day. We picked out a "trunk full" of flowers along with some fertilizer. Lightened the bank account a little, but the yard will look quite pretty this year.

That's it for today...come back again for more "Adventures".

Until then, be safe and God Bless.

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