Sunday, May 18, 2008

Flower Planting Day & the Storm

Saturday, May 17th.
This day has been declared by Na-Na as the official flower planting day!
So what that means is ALL HANDS OUTSIDE TO HELP. All hands meaning the Grand kids and Pa.
The weather was perfect, low 70's. The kids had a great time helping Na-Na and Pa, and at the end of the day all flowers were planted and accounted for.

Here you can see Rebecca and Savannah planting flowers.

Here is Pa showing Dakota what a Grub looks like and the damage they do.


And at the end of the day....WOW were the "troops" tired!

Actually this was a posed shot but I really felt bushed! And you can tell the girls had their favorite seat in the living room.

When the Mobil Home is ready to move in I'm going to miss my evenings with the grandkids for sure! These past 4 weeks have been fun being around Tina's kids. And I'm sure they are enjoying spending their time with Nana and Pa also.


Saturday around 7:30pm the weather alert came across the TV screen.

We were under a severe Thunderstorm warning with damaging 60 mile per hour winds expected. WOW!!!

By 8pm it was windy, but didn't seem too severe. Then at 8:15pm the power went off. Wilma and Haley were on the computers upstairs while I was with the others downstairs watching TV. Wilma and Haley both started yelling "The electrical pole is on fire!" They were looking out the window and saw it burning and the transformer arching. I got on the cell phone and called 911. (I was told by Wide Open West, our ISP and phone supplier) that if the power goes out the modem only has a half hour battery to place calls. Actually it lasted 90 minutes.

Anyway, I reached the 911 operator via my cell phone and made the report. Then I called Edison to make the report of "No Power". The recording said that I would be contacted by a representative when available. I hung up and waited. Seemed like 10 minutes went by before we heard the fire department sirens going off.

A half hour later I and Wilma walked around the block to see how severe the damage was. One of the firemen told us that they notified Edison which would put their call ahead of homeowners for emergency service.

We all went back in the house, Wilma lit some candles, and we started telling stories of our childhood memories. The grandkids told of good and funny memories they had. By 10pm, still no call back from Edison, everyone headed for their beds to call it a day.

Poor Wilma, she is used to having a fan on in the bedroom all night to fall asleep by. She really had a tough time falling asleep and had a restless night as I had also.

Morning came, 8am, called Edison again. Talking with a representative, I was informed they never received any calls last evening in our area. I assured her that not only I called but the Fire Department put in a trouble call! After hearing her apologies she informed me she would try to have this call expedited, as we were already 12 hours without power. In all it was only affecting about 8 households.

By 10am we saw the Edison repair trucks arriving. Wow what service huh? Too bad they didn't receive the calls made 12 hours prior!

Wilma and I had some shopping to do, Tina took more household items along with the Kids to their Mobil home. They at least had all the utilities working.

When we returned home around 1pm I hooked up the generator from our Motor Home and plugged in the refrigerator. Then at 3pm the power was restored. Life back to normal.

Another couple days of adventures in our lives. Life is Good!

Be safe and God Bless.

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