Sunday, June 22, 2008

Camping & Casino

We made it back from our 3 night camping trip. We both had a very relaxing and good time at Saginaw Bay Resort in Standish, MI.

This was Kybee's first camping trip and he proved he likes camping. The only problem is that he wants to be with us constantly! We left him in the Motor Home while we went to the Casino on Friday. When we returned a couple were walking past and said that he was barking alot while we were gone. Dang...I hope he gets used to staying alone once in a while.

Mike and his wife Brenda also checked in to the campground Thursday evening. I work with Mike at General Dynamics. We were just finishing setting up when they phoned and said they were just entering the campground. They found their campsite a couple hundred feet from ours.

Friday came and the 4 of us went for a ride in my Saturn, looking at the other campgrounds in this organization. Couldn't get into the one on the River because the state was repairing the bridge just before the campground. They did see it from across the river though. From there we left for the Casino.

This is a new Casino. Just opened last January. Very nice and we didn't loose an arm and a leg the first day! We stayed a couple hours going our separate ways and then met back at the front entrance. From there we stopped at the A&W Root Beer for lunch.

We returned back to our Campground, and Wilma and I took a short nap. Afterward we walked over to Mike and Brenda's site. They bought their RV a year ago next month, and we were invited in to take a tour. Wow what a nice RV trailer they have. I've never seen the floor plan that they have with the main bed in front, and bunks and bathroom in the rear. Very nice Mike and Brenda. Hope you have many happy years and many fond memories with your new rig.

After awhile we went back to our campsite for a bite to eat. Then returned to their site to sit around the campfire. By 11pm we called it a night and went back to our rig and to bed.

Saturday Wilma and I decided to take another trip to the Casino. This time we won back a little more than we lost the day before, so we consider ourselves pretty lucky on this trip. We are money ahead! A rarity for us. We left the Casino and took a ride to the Saginaw Bay area. It's about 3 miles due east from our campground, and we have never been there before. We took the road toward the Bay as far as we could. From there I walked (very carefully) a couple hundred feet to the water line. A couple fishing boats were returning with news of a good catch for the day.

We returned and just lounged around the campsite the rest of the day. By evening we could hear thunder in the distance. A neighbor told us that there were some severe storms with hale north west of us. We decided that we could start putting everything away instead of waiting for the morning. Just in case of rain at night I wouldn't have to walk in mud to do it in the morning. Within an hour Wilma and I had everything put away and ready to pull out in the morning.

Sunday morning we decided to leave and stop at our favorite restaurant on the road, Cracklebarrel for breakfast. Again within an hour of waking up we were on our way home. Stopped half way home for gas as the gauge was showing a quarter tank. So to fill it up it took about 66 gallons of gas at a cost of $4.099 per gallon. OUCH! of course that wasn't all used just for this trip. We actually started with a 3/4 full tank.

Made it home safe and sound and while I was unloading the MH, Angel and Brooke stopped by to say hi. Had a nice visit with them.

And now as I sit here writing this post, Wilma is chatting with her friends on the web and Kybee is fast asleep.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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