Sunday, June 8, 2008

Much has happened...

Since the last entry on May 30th.

Tina did get moved in, her family feels like they are on vacation! Imagine that! Move to a new location and there is such a great change in surroundings that it now feels like your on vacation. Nice!

That was the good news, but what followed is some of the "bumps in the road" she is having.

  • Where does all the stuff go?

There is still some items left in my garage that hasn't been relocated back at her home. She is still deciding if she really needs the items. I'm sure as things settle down we will find a home for these items.

  • Utility shed:

She needs to come up with a down payment of $300.00 to have the park start to construct her 10X10 wooden shed. Until she can come up with this down payment, the bikes, etc. need to be chained up. Also she can't take the chance leaving her lawn mower out in the open, so yesterday I took my mower over there and mowed her lawn, which was needing it badly.

  • Air conditioning:

This is really bad. Since she moved in the weather has been really warm, in the high 80's and low 90's. The company hired by the park didn't hook up the air conditioner until late Wednesday. She turned on the air and after running most of the day on cooling. Thursday evening I went over to check it out. Found that the Freon leaked out. So to get her through the night I added some Freon and got the unit cooling for them. She made phone calls to get the contractor who re-installed it to come back out and check it out.

The next morning around 10am she called me at work and said the suction line on the air conditioner is all frosty. I told her to turn off the unit that the Freon is leaking out again and the contractor has to find and repair the leak before any more Freon can be added.

4 hours later she called giving me the contractors phone number because he was telling her things she didn't understand. I called him and he started giving me numbers of pressures that only a person in the business would understand. Bottom line....compressor not pumping.

That evening I went to the parks office to talk to the manager. After a complete explanation of all that transpired the last few days he agreed that the Park is responsible. He assured me that at the parks picnic on Saturday, he would talk to his boss and they would come to a solution.

So here we are Sunday evening and it's in the 90's and she has no air. Will wait for a contact from Ken the manager of the park this week.

  • Dryer vent hook up.

That's my job that I agreed to do, so today (Sunday) I completed the installation of the dryer vent. You have to cut a hole through the newly installed "skirting" to vent the dryer out from under the mobile home. A little scary so it was a definite "measure twice, take a look and think, then cut the hole". Success! darn good job too if I must say so myself.

Have to change the subject for a minute.....

WOW What A Storm we just had! Around 5:10pm the dog, (update on that following this) needed to go out to take care of business. The sun was shinning, about 93 outside and I could see black clouds towards the south west. I kind of hurried the dog as the tornado sirens went off. We were under a warning all within about 5 minutes from sunny skies to dark windy conditions and the temperature dropped to 70.

Wilma got on the phone to call Angel telling her to get over hear fast. I called Tina with the cell warning her to take cover also or get over here.

Tina had a place to go with the kids, Angel jumped in the car with daughter, neighbor lady and her dog and arrived here within minutes of the call.

The winds really picked up but that was all. No hail, No super high winds, No trees down. Thank God.

Within about 15 minutes the front moved through and there was NO wind at all. No rain and the temperature stayed around 72 for the rest of the evening.

Now, about our Dog.

Tina had a small dog. A Pug is the name of the breed. She really didn't want to take him back as the park will charge her a fee for the dog, and money is tight for her. We told her when she moved back in her home that we would keep him for a while until a new home could be found. Well, within a week, he stole both our hearts. So it looks like we are the new owners of Kybee, our 4 year old male (who has been fixed) Pug. What a lovable little dog.

Meet Kybee our 4 year old "Pug"

Saturday I took him to Petco where the Vet was visiting and got all his required shots. $85.00 later he is good for a year. Next year won't be as expensive they tell me.

Until our next Adventure, be safe and God Bless.

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